University to announce the date of internal conversion for the second semester.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Admission and Registration Deanship of King Khalid University (KKU) has announced the date of internal conversion for the second semester of the academic year (1436 / 1437 AH), which will begin next Sunday to Wednesday, 03/04/1437 AH. An application could be done via the portal of the University during the declared conversion period and then applicant could Follow-up the request through the website of the University.

For female students only, the internal conversion includes the change of study type (conversion from affiliation to regularity) according to a number of regulations, including the required rate of interpolation (3 or more out of 5), the passing two actual semesters, and not to exceed six semesters. On the other hand, the conversion from affiliation to regularity does not require cumulative rate and is subject to a certain period; to the end of a given period of withdrawal in the classroom. Regarding the change of the scientific degree (conversion from Diploma to Bachelor), the deanship explained that the student, male or female, has to apply for the request via the university portal, according to a number of regulations such as the required rate of interpolation (4 and above out of 5), and the passing of four actual semesters. The conversion from BA to Diploma does not require cumulative rate for all male and female students who are interested in the conversion, whether be regular or defaulters.

At the change of specialization (conversion of a bachelor degree to another bachelor degree and a diploma degree to another diploma degree) a student, male or female, should apply for the request through the portal. Applicant should bear in mind that all applications will be subject to differentiation and to a number of regulations and conditions, including the possibility of conversion between colleges for only one time and twice between departments of the college within the college, in addition to the actual enrollment of the department or specialty. Differentiation between male and female students depends on cumulative rates, two semesters and not more than four semesters, at least, in addition to full compliance with conversion period. The student has to follow up his / her request, to check up the result of the conversion. He / she has to also pass the tests required by the transferee department or college (if any). The Deanship also noted that accepting internal transfer request depends on the availability of vacant space in each section.

The Deanship of Admission and Registration also stressed that the students who wish to change the specialization must choose carefully and accurately the desires courses they want to convert to. The student could choose only three options. In addition, the Deanship will not receive any requests for conversion that has not been entered through the website.