Dentistry School receives Social Affairs delegation

King Khalid University, Media Center

In a way to activate partnership between Dentistry School of King Khalid University and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Asir branch, Mr. Abdul Hakim Gibran, the Director of the branch in company of a delegation, paid a visit to the School. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the services which are going to be provided to the employees of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, the House of Social Welfare, Observation Management, and Girls' Clinic.

On this remarkable occasion, the Dean of Dentistry School, Dr. Ibrahim bin Suleiman Al Shahrani, explained that aspects of health partnership were in favor of the patient and alleviation of pain. Dr. Suleiman Al Shahrani added, "Believing in its vital role, Dentistry School has harnessed all possibilities in order to be a strong contributor in securing all the branches the Ministry of Social Affairs may need."

The visit also included a tour to the sections of the Dentistry School. Guests on the visit checked the technical and medical sections and they were briefed on what the School offers to the patients. They want to transfer the experiment to the Comprehensive Rehabilitation and social welfare centers.

At the end of the visit, the two parts came out with a number of recommendations including that, the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center should provide the School of Dentistry with complete files that contain the names of patients and their health status before starting treatment procedures. Dentistry School has to perform, whenever possible, necessary maintenance to dental units at the comprehensive rehabilitation clinic. Moreover, the School should pay a weekly therapeutic visit every Tuesday to the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center. The School also should try to integrate with the Social Affairs office to provide tools and dental materials. The School is also committed to send an evaluation team to the dental clinic of Social Welfare House in order to determine the status of the clinic and its suitability to serve as a prelude to finding a mechanism for medical cooperation to help guests in the two sections, men and women. Also, the School has to pay evaluation visit to the dental clinic in Observation Clinic in order to determine the status of the clinic and its suitability to work in preparation for the submission of dental medical services to its patients.