"Our pompous city" a campaign organized by voluntary work club.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Voluntary work Club of King Khalid University, in cooperation withAl - Ber Association in Abha, has launched "our city pompous" campaign. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness in society of the importance of preservation of public property and the environment. The campaigners aspire to support Abha city as being the capital of Arab tourism.

The campaign was launched from Al-Mansak walkway, with the participation of a number of volunteers from the university and walkers, who removed a number of random drawings on the walls of the corridors of walkway and the nearby Public Park.

Regarding this matter, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Merra Al-habash, gave a hand to the members of the club in the campaign to remove drawings and random writings in Abu Khayal Park.