University documents studies and research of Asir province.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, the President of King Khalid University (KKU), Prof. Abdul Rahman bin  Hamad Al Dawood has directed for the formation of a committee. The aims of the committee include gathering and collecting all studies and researches that were conducted on Asir region. The resolution was specially taken upon the request of the Princedom of Asir region.

The Vice - President for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Majid Abdul Kareem Al Harbi, took the responsibility to supervise the committee, on which the Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Eid bin Lafi Al-Otaibi will play the role of the chairman. In addition, a considerable number of the teaching staff of the University will be members of the committee. The Committee will work on the issuance of special studies about the Asir region in a documentary folder, over which the University will oversee its printing and distribution among relevant authorities.

The organizers of the Committee also urged for the cooperation of the teaching staff and the graduate studies students. The organizers said," It is very important to give a hand by uploading published studies and researches, which belong to Asir region and serve it in all areas." This could be done by accessing the following link:, and filling in the form that is prepared for that purpose. It is also necessary to send studies and researches on the following e-mail