The University announces the internal and external conversion dates.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Admission and Registration Deanship of King Khalid University has announced opening the gate of the internal and external conversion for the first semester of the academic year 1436 - 1437 AH. Receiving external requests will start from Monday 11 - 10 - 1436 AH, and will continue till Wednesday 20 - 10 - 1436 AH. As well, the Deanship will receive internal conversion requests starting from Sunday 1 - 11 - 1436 AH to Wednesday 4 - 11 - 1436 AH.

The Dean of Admission and Registration Deanship, Dr. Sultan Al Farah has explained that the external conversion would be electronic, so the student would not be asked to bring any documents, and that "the student does not have to review the Admission and Registration Deanship". In addition, Al Farah clarified that male and female students who are interested in the internal conversion must submit a conversion application via the University website during the announced period of conversion, and they can follow up the request through the website. The Dean further pointed out that the conversion during that period would include the conversion from the regular system to the enrollment one, and vice versa, for female students only. Conversion also will include the change in the scientific degree (conversion from Diploma to Bachelor and vice versa), in addition to the change of specialization in the same degree for male and female students. The Dean finally pointed out that those who are interested could have a look on the conversion terms by visiting the portal of the deanship on the following link (

It is noteworthy that acceptance of the internal and external requests for conversion will depend on the number of available vacancies in each section