University organizes a seminar entitled "our youth and the Decisive Storm."

King Khalid University, Media Center

On behalf of the Rector of King Khalid University, the University Vice - President for Health Specialties, Dr. Khalid Al Jelban sponsored a seminar entitled "our youth and the Decisive Storm". The Seminar which was organized by the Medical and Creativity Club took place in the central Stands at the university Headquarter in Abha.  The seminar was presented by both the Head of Information and Communication Department of the University, Dr. Ali bin Shuweil Al-Qarni, and the Dean of Community Services and Continuing Education, Dr. Mubarak Hamdan. The event was attended by the University Vice - President for Development and Quality, Dr. Ahmed Aljbaili, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, and with the attendance of approximately 200 students and faculty members.

The seminar began with a word given by Dr. Al Jelban in which he thanked the guests. He also thanked the Medical and creativity Club for their distinctive activities this year, which had a large impact inside and outside the university.

For his part, the guest at the seminar, Dr. Ali Al-Qarni gave a word about the "New Media and crisis" in which he presented a definition to the role of the new media, and how it is increasing rapidly.  He also mentioned the role of the youth in the new media and how they represent the largest segment of its users. Al-Qarni cited a number of examples of new media and its importance and impact on all communities. He also spoke about the beginning of creating some websites and social networking. Moreover, Al-Qarni stressed on the importance of strengthening the spirit of citizenship when dealing with new media, taking into consideration the Islamic values and national social unity.

Dr. Mubarak Hamdan, the Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education also gave a word about "Youth's role towards internal security during the Decisive Storm", stressing on the importance of the role of youth in the development of the country. Dr. Hamdan further stressed on the importance of maintaining national unity and instilling the values of citizenship and belonging to this great nation, in addition to guiding the youth to raise the cultural and social levels of the nation, and to take advantage of the great potential that is provided by the state to its nationals. Dr. Hamdan concluded his word by stressing on the seriousness of the dissemination of information, photos, videos, and rumors that may jeopardize the security of the nation.