Admission and Registration Deanship introduces admission and registration mechanisms to more than a thousand student.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Admission and Registration Deanship of King Khalid University has made a field visit to more than 35 Girls' High Schools in Asir. The visit was within the definition campaign launched by the deanship last week in order to introduce admission and registration mechanisms of the new academic year 1436-1437 AH. The Vice - President of Admission and Registration, Dr. Hanan Al-Saidi and a number of the deanship employees held a meeting with the students of Belqurn, Al-Bashar, and Al-Namas Governorates. The number of the students that attended the meeting exceeded 1,070 . The meeting was to introduce the right and the best way of registration. In addition, the meeting showed the students how to choose a desired specialization.

During the meeting, Dr. Hanan Al-Saidi explained that admission that year would be electronic, thus there would be no need to send paper documents. Al-Saidi also urged the students' advisors to help and guide the students, so as to be able to follow the correct way of registration and to clarify the means of communication with the deanship when needed.