University is preparing to participate in a Scientific Conference through arranging a competitive encounter for students.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency the President of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood yesterday inaugurated a competitive scientific meeting for the students of the university. It was in the presence of Dr. Hassan Al-Shehri,  the Deputy Supervisor of conferences at the Ministry of Education. The meeting, which was organized by the Student Affairs Deanship took place in the University City Abha. It is a preparation for a preparatory meeting to participate in a scientific conference that is going to be organized by the Ministry of Education scheduled for 10 to 13/6/1436 AH in Jeddah City.

His Excellency the Rector Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood explained that King Khalid University was always among the first in excellence and innovation in various fields. He said, "The scientific competitive meeting is considered one of the events that shines King Khalid University, hence the institution will not hesitate to support its students - male and female - in all scientific fields and in creative innovations, in addition to creating for them the convenient environment" After that, Aldawood opened the accompanying exhibition, and had a look on what it contained. The content included more than 280 participation varied between innovation and scientific research. The Rector listened to some explanations about various works of the participants in the exhibition. The meeting also included the participation of students' research, innovation and entrepreneurship which were divided into five main themes: the axis of the Health Sciences, the axis of the basic and engineering sciences, the axis of Humanities and Social Sciences, the axis of innovation, and the axis of entrepreneurship. Participation included 46 researches in the axis of Health Sciences, 63 researches in the axis of basic and engineering sciences, and 67 researches in the axis of Humanities and Social Sciences. Participation also included 32 innovations in the axis of innovation, and 81 works in the axis of entrepreneurship. Ten works of each axis were selected and nominated.

In his turn, the Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Merria Al-Habash explained that the Deanship was keen on supporting, developing, and encouraging such innovations, stressing that "It was noticed through the various axes of the meeting and associated events that they surely enabled the students to contribute to the renaissance and construction of their homeland and to serve their community. The deanship entrusted sessions management tasks and the presentation for students, in addition to the organization of the event and documentation, so as to ensure the development of leadership skills among students, and to instill in their souls the values of fair scientific competition, teamwork, plus building bridges of scientific communication between male and female students.

At the end of the meeting, the Rector honored the winning students. The first place winner in each axis got SR 3,000 and a shield of excellence. The second place winner in each axis got SR 2,000 and a shield of excellence, while the third place winner in each axis is awarded SR 1,000 and a shield of excellence.