9 training workshops within the university units strategic plan.

King Khalid University, Media Center

In collaboration with Meras Consulting Foundation, the Deanship of Admission and Registration has carried out, in parallel, 9 training workshops. They targeted three vice - Presidencies of the university: Development and Quality, Academic and Educational affairs and Graduate Studies and Research, in addition to six colleges of the university: Medicine, Engineering, Sciences, Languages and Translation, Administrative and Financial Sciences and computer science.

The Deanship aspires, through conducting such workshops, to implement the second phase of the strategic plans of the aforementioned units. The first phase was implemented and it included the quadruple analysis of those units known for short as (SWOT). The second phase of these workshops, which took place in Abha Lake Hotel, has focused on reaching strategic features that configure the strategic directions, vision, mission and values of each of those vice - Presidencies and colleges.

On this important development, the Vice - President of Development and Quality Deanship, Dr. Ahmed Aljbaili confirmed that "this effort is as a result of the continued support being received from the University President for all activities of Development and Quality Deanship". Aljabili also thanked all the employees who participated in the brainstorming sessions, which resulted in identifying the stage and strategic trends, vision, mission and values of each university unit. The second phase, in general, led to improving the overall performance of the University.