University is leading its employees to excellence.

KKU, King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the patronage of King Khalid University President Prof. Abdulrahman Aldawood, the Vice Presidency for Development and Quality held a workshop entitled "How to be unique". The workshop targeted 40 academic and administrative leaders in the University. It was presented over the past two days by Dr. Khalid Al-Zamil.

While honoring the participants at the workshop, Aldawood emphasized on transferring the knowledge, skills and experience acquired through that important training program into realistic practices, which will lead university to excellence.

The workshop addressed many themes and identified many concepts associated with the term "Excellence". Such as the concept of excellence, how to build excellence, the concept of competence, competencies-based management system, the difference between competence and skill, identifying the main Excellence competencies, and the methods to satisfy the beneficiaries of the services and the customers.

On this issue, the Vice - President for Development and Quality, Dr. Ahmad bin Yahya Aljbaili stressed that holding that workshop sought to develop communication and teamwork skills, in addition to earning many competencies of excellence, which would help to improve the decision making process, and the development of inner energies inside the students until the university community turns into an integrated environment of excellence.