Agreement with "Sumou" Company for developing youth and investing their ideas.

King Khalid University, Media Center

On behalf of the King Khalid University Vice - President for Development and Quality, Dr. Ahmed Aljbaili, the Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Merrai Al Habash has sponsored on Monday the inauguration ceremony of the project "Invest your thoughts" in collaboration with Highness company to develop young people.

During the ceremony, the University, represented by the Dean, signed a partnership contract with the Sumou Company for investment. The agreement provided for a variety of developmental solutions for students in the field of entrepreneurship, in order to discover and launch their abilities.

The program works towards enabling students to entrepreneurial investment business by transferring their creative ideas into real projects, based on the latest methods, and effective means in an effective manner and process. Sumou Company called all students, who wish to present investment ideas, or participate in the program to visit the company's website (info @ alsmo. for registration and inquiry.

On this regard, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Sumou Company, Professor Ahmed Asiri thanked the University for its Efforts. He said, "We have been welcomed in all the Saudi universities that we passed by.  But, at King Khalid University, we have found acceptance, ideas, adoption and share, and a trial to ripen thoughts." Asiri explained that the main objective of the project was not Advertising, but to create a business minding person, who could control the challenges of entrepreneurship.

The dean of student affairs also called for all students to share their thoughts. Arguably he said, "The university is currently offering great opportunities that must be exploited" He added, "The university is supporting financially, and will always sign agreements with the company to assist in the organization and signing of contracts to publicize the students' projects - not for financial support.

It is noteworthy that the program will organize a student trip to Japan in order to provide the participants with different experiences in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in Japan, in addition to developing their skills of exploration and development.