Rehab Abu Zeid presents a workshop for 22 students of the university.

King Khalid University, Media Center

On the sidelines of the Conference of Media and Rumor,

Rehab Abu Zeid presents a workshop for 22 students of the university 


Rehab Abu Zeid, the journalist and novelist, has provided a workshop for the female students of Media and Communication Department in Abha. The workshop was on the conclusion of the International Conference of Media and Rumor, and was attended by the coordinator of the Department of Media and Communication of King Khalid University, Dr. Iman Asiri, in addition to 20 female students from the Department of Media.

Abu Zeid explained that the purpose of holding the workshop was to meet the students’ demand and their desire to direct a number of questions and inquiries, so "I took advantage of their presence to conduct the workshop". Abu Zeid said, “ Due to the short time, I thought, after meeting the students, that they need at this stage, some of the principles, which will enable them to put their feet on the right path, to strengthen their determination and give to up shyness and hesitation in preparation for the start of their careers, God willing. "She added: I have prepared some of the pillars that opened us several important prospects for discussion. The goal of this workshop is to stimulate young outstanding energies and direct their enthusiasm and passion in the right direction. Moreover, I wanted to draw a simple picture of the successful journalist’s attributes depending on the students’ desires."

During the workshop, Abu Zeid recommended being away from the suspension of any current or future disappointments on the peg of community, family or job, arguing that it was relatively incorrect. She said "no obstacle could stand against achieving any progress except the psychological obstacle, defeatism, retreat or laziness". She also clarified that the Media students needed many skills, and she emphasized on the importance of credibility with oneself, so that he / she could build self confidence and esteem. She also stressed on the importance of the skills of listening, meditation, self-improvement by reading, training and going on a daily journey diving in oneself, so that one could enjoy a sort of peace with oneself and then with the others, and create a healthy environment and pure mind ready for thinking and creativity.

Additionally, she stressed on the importance of training at that stage in particular, and at all stages of vocational involvement in general. She advised the students to look for psychological and social counseling, both on a work or a family level, considering training as the key to the treasures inside ourselves; both discovered and not discovered yet. Adding that training enabled a person to recognize his / her abilities, strengths and weakness. She said, "I expect the Department of Media and Communication at King Khalid University to achieve a bright, distinctive development and success to the extent that it will gain a wide reputation in the Kingdom”. She concluded, it would not be surprising if we remembered the shiny examples that came out of the womb of the southern region and gained a wide reputation.