Workshop at University entitled "Modern Methodologies".

King Khalid University, Media Center , kku

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdullah Saeed Al-Asiri has stressed on the importance of the integration of modern methodologies with the construction of up-to-date curricula. He pointed out that we should depend on a qualified teaching staff, which possesses advanced skills so that they can increase the level of university students. In addition, the University should seek to benefit from the latest educational technologies in the Higher Education.

This was stated when the Faculty of Medicine of King Khalid University, represented by the Department of Medical Education, arranged a workshop entitled "standard preparation for examinations". The workshop which was held for over three hours, was attended by 35 faculty members. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the modern medical education methods, and how it could be applied to the students of Medicine College.

Dr. Al-Asiri indicated that the university is establishing such workshops to raise the capacity of the Faculty members, to improve their performance, and to implement the study plans that emerge from the curriculum. He confirmed the university's objective of achieving the pillars of qualitative education, which of course centered around the student, the teacher and the learning environment in addition to the curriculum. He added, "Towards this purpose, we have to prepare consecutive workshops that definitely raise and improve the quality of performance.

The workshop which was attended by Dr. Omar Al-Faki, and Dr. Karim Al-Deen, was moderated by the President of the Department of Medical Education, Dr Abdul Aziz Al-Omari.