"Capabilities examination" is a prerequisite for those wishing to complete their graduate studies at the university.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Passing the "Capabilities examination" has become a mandatory requirement for students wishing to complete their Graduate Studies.  The Dean of Graduate Studies of King Khalid University, Dr. Ali Al-Shahrani declared that, and called on all those who wish to apply for the Masters or the PhD programs for the academic year 1436 - 1437 AH, to complete all admission requirements, and to speed up doing the "Capabilities examination" for the academicians, which has become a prerequisite for many of the programs offered by the university.

Regarding the programs offered by the university, Al-Shahrani said that the university conducted 6 programs for PhD degree in the Faculties of Sharia and Religion Fundamentals, and Education. Concerning Master degree, He - The Dean - confirmed that 45 programs were set up in the Faculties of Sharia and Religion Fundamentals, Education, Humanities, Science, Languages and Translation, Administrative and Financial Sciences.

It is noteworthy that applicants could have a look on the terms and date of the examination by visiting the website of the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation.