University to organize a workshop for development of academic programs development for the undergraduates.

King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University Vice - President for Development and Quality, Dr. Ahmed Aljbaili has inaugurated the activities of a workshop entitled, "Preparing and Development of Academic Programs for the Undergraduate at the University". The campaign is going to be held over three days.

Dr. Ahmed praised the taking of such a step as a way to create study courses and programs. The creation process counts on the codified scientific models, as well as on the evaluation of existing courses and programs. Doing such, is extremely important in the development of academic programs, as a result of which the educational process at the university will be upgraded.

On this regard, the Dean of Academic Development and Quality at the University, Dr. Omar Aqeel pointed out that the workshop aimed at identifying suitable standards in creating academic programs, and requirements for evaluating existing ones, as well as the stages of preparation and approval of a new program, or further development an existing ones.

In this context, the Deanship Vice - President for Plans and Study Programs, Dr. Saeed Hadi assured of the extreme importance of such workshop, stating that there would be a similar workshop for women to be held later.

It is noteworthy that 70 members of the teaching staff who were divided into three courses according to specialization -  theatrical faculties - scientific faculties - faculties of health - participated in the workshop. Training was conducted by the Counselor for the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality, Prof. Adel Hib Allah.