University President sponsors signing of a cooperation agreement with the Asir Culture and Arts Association.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency King University President, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood has yesterday, Wednesday (5/1/1436 AH)  sponsored the signing of a cooperation agreement between the university and the Saudi Arabian Association for Culture and Arts in Asir Province. The venue was at Abha University city.

The aim of the agreement is to support the cultural work, or artistic works in general, and theater activity in particular. The agreement will contribute to build bridges of cultural communication, and will promote social works springing from the values, programs and objectives that are shared between the two sides - the University and Association.

Moreover, the agreement aims at providing the necessary training for the members of the university theater club, the staff and student, through activities by the association. It also aims at providing cooperation in cultural, theatrical and artistic events, by conducting programs, meetings, seminars and workshops and theater, and the organizing of theatrical workshops and seminars programs, in addition to enrichment of folklore, plastic, and photography in a way that achieves the aspirations of both sides. Dr. Merra'e Al-Habash, the Dean of Student Affairs represented the University at the signing of the agreement. He took over the executive tasks of the agreement. On the other hand, the Association was represented by its Director, Mr. Ahmed Alsroe. The agreement was witnessed by a number of university and Association representatives at attendance.

In his statement, Dr. Al-Habash confirmed that the university believed in the competence of the Association, and its potential for training young people, besides presenting programs which cherish talent. He said, "No doubt that the Association is the main culture and art house in the region. Therefore, the university is replete with many of the young talents that need to be granted the opportunity to present what they have through the gate of the Association. He continued, we hope through this agreement to achieve the aspirations of our young people and our daughters in the region."

On his turn, the association's director - Ahmed Alsroe - stated that the agreement came within the institutional partnership contracts that each of the parties - King Khalid University and the Association - sought to serve youth and daughters of the region. Services could include cooperative programs, which present culture and arts in fruitful academic frames. He considered the agreement one of the most important partnerships between the Association and other state institutions. He praised the potentiality of the university in the region and its leading role in the quest for training its students, in addition to providing unique training programs in an honorable way in cooperation with the Association.