Faculty of Languages and Translation Concludes Symposium

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation concluded its symposium titled: "The Present and Future of English in Saudi Arabia: Research Concerns." The final session which was headed by Dean of the College, Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, who concluded with a number of recommendations and suggestions that have been put forward. They include the proposal to keep holding relevant symposiums in the Faculty of Languages and Translation on an annual basis, whether in the form of a symposium or conferences. Also, encouraging the involvement of students, and graduate students to attend, and participate with the researchers and presentations to enrich their experiences was also recommended. Other recommendations included keeping the continued cooperation between King Khalid University, represented by the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation, and the General Directorate of Education in the Asir region. This collaboration is with respect to the assessment of the curricula of the English language, holding workshops, conducting field studies to determine the reality of language teaching and the difficulties faced by English teachers and students. Also, there were recommendations calling for the need to increase the involvement of the role of the Women's side, both in terms of regulation and research, as well as another call for more work on increasing research and workshops on the role of modern technology in learning English language as a foreign language, whether in the classroom or outside.

Finally, there was a recommendation related the importance of following-up to the proposed suggestions and discussions that were presented during the symposium, so as to take full advantage of them, and lastly, a call to print researches and presentations that were presented during the symposium was made.