University "Media" to hold a training workshop.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Department of Media and Community - female section -  yesterday held a training workshop on the program of "Movie Maker". The workshop was presented by a trainer Turkya Al-Shahrani and was attended by a number of the 3rd level students as well as a number of the Faculty members.

Earlier, the Department Coordinator, Eman Alasseri has indicated that the department, through holding such workshops, aimed at preparing the female students to be familiar with all media works. She said, "On schedule of the Department, there are still a lot to present, as we will arrange events for students, males and females, as well as each division's program according to its mechanisms and available potentialities." She added, "There will be numerous workshops that are going to be presented during this semester, and the next semester will be for visits and media tours."

The coordinator further indicated that the Department of Media and Communication had a future vision regarding what the students would study in the next level, then they would be provided with related workshops, to enhance what they would learn in the class. She said," The Department works differently when it provides the practical curriculum, then the theoretical; the Department is unique in this view. Depending on this vision, and because the next level is arranged to contain a subject called "Multimedia", we are longed to hold this workshop. There are also many workshops that will be presented according to the schedule, God willing."