Dentistry College trains dentists to obtain Saudi Membership.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Dentistry College of King Khalid University has begun a training program to a number of dentists in order to obtain Consultant status of the Saudi Arabia Membership program (PhD), in the disciplines of Dental Restoration, the Endodontic Treatment, and the Pulp. The training which is going to be held annually is set for for many years, with the first session coming in October 2014 AD, and with a capacity of up to 4 trainees; two at the beginner level, and the other two at the advanced level.

Regarding this matter, the Dean of the Dentistry College of the University, Dr. Ibrahim Bin Suleiman Al-Shahrani stated that accredited medical centers can grant dentists the PhD certificate, thus becoming of Consultant status, and eligible for the Saudi Membership in the same specialization, and this can be authenticated by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties depending on the PhD Certificate obtained. He said, "The action will affect the quality of service delivered to patients."

Moreover, Al - Shahrani asserted that the College aims at producing graduates of national cadres; both male and female Dentists who will distinguish themselves scientifically and professionally, in accordance with Islamic ethics and values, and in the application of the highest standard quality of education. He said, "Our aim is to exchange scientific expertise among local and international scientific institutions, and to provide needed pieces of advice, scientific and technical services for governmental and non - governmental organizations, who may be interested in the health of the mouth and teeth."