KKU Dentistry Collage organizes a workshop for resident doctors.

King Khalid University-Media Center
With advanced devices enriching Dental College.

KKU Dentistry College organized a workshop for resident doctors, with advanced devices enriching the college on display.

Resident Doctors Program Committee in Dentistry Collage of King Khalid University (KKU) has organized a workshop for recent resident dental graduates. The workshop focused on treating teeth root and nerves, by using advanced automated devices and drills made by Dentsply Company. The company is considered one of the leading companies that provide dentistry tools. Some of such tools provided by the company are currently available for use inside the workshop and in KKU dentistry laboratory.

Dentsply Educational Administrator in gulf countries Dr. Khalil Mohammed presented a lecture at the workshop which was attended by a number of specialist from the company. During the lecture, the participants discussed on a number of important issues regarding dentistry.

It is worth mentioning that Dentistry Collage in KKU is equipped with a number of recent advices which have been used by, and or have been under the supervision of,  residents, specialists and consultants doctors, who used these items on patients, and on follow up cases. The items have been found to accelerate the treatment and cure of teeth roots and nerves than is previously done