University Organizes a Symposium about the Present and Future of the English Language in Saudi Arabia

King Khalid University, Media Center
Research Concerns

King Khalid University, represented by the Faculty of Languages and Translation organizes a national seminar titled, "The Present and Future of the English Language in Saudi Arabia: Research Concerns," from 25 to 26 / 12/1435 AH.

The seminar aims to attract researchers in the various sub- disciplines which are relevant to applied linguistics, to share their ideas, and the results of their research, and best practices in research, in addition to teaching with their peers around the Kingdom.

It also aims to increase the academic cadres' awareness of current and future trends in teaching English, in addition to handling urgent research issues in the field of Applied Linguistics at the level of theory, and application.

Those who are in charge of the seminar hope such seminars could strengthen the dissemination of knowledge related to the latest trends and publications in Applied Linguistics. Researchers and Practitioners in the field of linguistics also will be invited, in addition to related sciences, to discuss issues of common interest.

The seminar will discuss a number of issues related to language, literature, methodologies, culture, language planning, language policies, curricula of the English Language, and language education and technology.

In this regard, the Scientific Commission justified 10/24/1435 AH to be the deadline for submission of abstracts, and 11/25/1435 AH to be the deadline for delivering complete researches.

It is noteworthy that the University has determined an email, (, so as to receive abstracts and researches.