King Khalid Chair to organize a seminar

King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid Chair organized yesterday a seminar entitled "The Scientific Research, Horizons and Aspirations". It was presented by Dr. Abd Al-Wasa Al-Hemeiri, the teacher of the Arabic Language at the Humanities College. The venue was at the Central Stands, University City, Al-Jrijir.

Al-Hemeiri started with a discussion about the concept of scientific research, philosophy and approach, based on the linguistic meaning of the word "research" and its origin in Arabic dictionaries. During his speech, he clarified that we could identify research process as a process a researcher who searches for something in a certain place with a certain way does in order to achieve a certain goal or purpose.

Based on the linguistic meaning of the word 'Research",  Al-Hemeiri answered some questions,  concentrating on what a researcher is looking for whatever the field of research is; certain issue, topic or the fact of the phenomenon that is still invisible. He added that the phenomenon may be literal, critic or historical which means that facts vary according to the fields and means of research.