Start admission to Graduate Studies

King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University announced starting admission to graduate Studies program for Master degree for the academic year 1435/1436 AH.

The Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ali Bin Mohammed Al-Shahrani clarified that available programs include the College of Sharia and the fundamentals of Religion( Sunni and its sciences, jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, Regulations, Quran and its Sciences, Religion and contemporary doctrines), the College of Education ( Curriculum and Methodologies, Curricula and Methods of Teaching Science, Management and Educational Supervision, Psychological Guidance and Counseling), the College of Humanities ( Arts in History, Arabic Language, Literature and Linguistics discipline), the College of Science ( Biology ), the College of languages ​​and Translation (Translation , Applied Linguistics ), and the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences ( professional Accounting).

He reported that, in case the applicant achieves the initial conditions for acceptance, he could fill in an application form on the portal of Admission. The applicant must download the required documents during the period (12-18) this month. He should check the portal, which will announce the date and place of the specialty test, documents needed, and documents required for matching and authenticity to make sure the information is correct for those who will be accepted finally. The results will be announce after a month of registration.

Dr. Al –Shahrani clarified that, the applicant for Graduate Studies program for Master's Degree must be Saudi or has received a formal grant for postgraduate, if he isn't Saudi. The applicant must have obtained a university degree from a Saudi University, or from another recognized university. The applicant who applies for the College of Languages ​​and Translation and the College of Education must subject to General Capacity test. TOEFL Certificate is necessary for applicants to the Colleges of Science and languages ​​and Translation The applicant must have a history of good behavior, and medically-fit, in addition to providing two recommendations from professors who have already taught.