The 6th Meeting of the university Council

His Excellency the university President, Professor Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al-Dawood headed the university Council 6th Meeting which was held on Tuesday 10/5/1435 AH at 11.00 O’clock in the morning.

His Excellency the university President started the meeting by praising Allah and praying on prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. After that the secretary of the Council went through topics prepared on the agenda starting with briefing  the university council with resolutions taken by the university President and authorized by the council.

Within the university desire to develop the academic field and plan it according to scientific and strategic basis, the council advised approving the strategic plan of the university in its first stage. The Council members valued efforts exerted by the University Presidency for Development and Quality in this field. Also, The council advised establishing English Language center at Bishah governorate.

Within the interaction with international universities and research centers, the university council approved a sabbatical for Dr. Faqeh Al-Rabi in Australia and sending Dr. Adel Al-Shehri, Medicine college to get training in Canada.  

Within the university communication with governmental sites and ministries, the council approved the assignment of Dr. Mona Al Thabta to work at King Abdul Aziz Dar. The council also approved to extend mandating Dr. Abdulrahman Faseel to work in Cultural Attaché, Malaysia.    

Finally, in the field of benefiting the experienced teaching staff, the university council approved signing a contract with Professor Yahia Autef and to renew the contract with 20 over age members to work at the university for the current year 1435/1436 AH.

The Secretary General, Dr. Hamood Bin Mubarak Al- Zoheir stated what mentioned above.