Technical Committee of the Health Diploma Alumnus Program of Rehabilitation Holds Meeting

The technical committee of the Health Diploma Alumnus Program of Rehabilitation held a meeting in the Community Service and Continuous Education Deanship on Monday 13/2/1435 AH in the presence of the committee President Dr. Khalid Al Gelban besides the committee members. The committee visited the student auditoriums, and His Excellency the University Vice President Dr. Mare Al Qahtani joined the group.

During the visit, the committee members were keen to speak with the students, answer their inquiries and motivate them to obtain maximum benefit out of the program.

The members of the committee also visited the venue of the Academic Committee to inspect the pedagogical strategies and learner performance of the English Language program. Daily reports that are prepared after field visits to study halls were examined, and feedback was given.

The impressions of His Excellency the Vice President and the President of the Technical Committee were positive. They were impressed by the educational outputs of the English language program and related that they would like them to continue performing well.

They all left the location of the Deanship wishing good luck to complete the program in a way that will achieve expected goals.