King Khalid University, IT Directorate

IT Directorate has established a page to communicate with the alumni of this year. The page includes the following: videos they want to share with others, And tweets via hashtag kku_grade35

The page also provides the ability to share photos via Instagram on hashtag Graduation Ceremony. Note that the page will be available for participation for the following two weeks. You can visit the Alumni page by clicking Here.

Vacancies in the general administration of Investment.

Contract vacancies for Saudi men in the general administration of Investment at the University.

The General Administration of Investment at King Khalid University announced the intention to hire Saudi men under contracts to work in some posts within the administration of Investment Projects. The administrative vacancies are in the following disciplines: marketing, business administration, and accounting.  

King Khalid University, Media Center

The King Khalid University, represented by the College of Arts and Sciences for Girls held last Thursday 23/4/1436 AH, the first meeting of the alumni and employers in collaboration with the Dean of Student Affairs. More than 100 alumni from 6 governmental and private bodies were in attendance. The program of the forum included sections of the involved bodies which included: the National Institute of Business Incubation, The Youth Council of Aseer Province, the General Directorate of Water in Aseer, Avanta Energies Inc., Abdul Latif Jameel Inc. (Jameel's source of living), and Avon Inc.

During the occasion, each representative of the bodies talked about the vacancies in the services it provides. The representatives also explained the mechanisms used to get the services provided by those bodies. Furthermore, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Saraa Abu Melha explained that the aim of the forum was to introduce labor market employment opportunities in the region to the students of the College, as well as to motivate them towards private productive business through the creation of small productive projects. The forum also aimed at informing the students about the productive families' project and its products, in addition to its supporting institutions.

Engineering and administrative vacancies for men in the University.

In a public competition, King Khalid University is nnoucing vacancies for Saudis. The University has invited those who have the appropriate academic and practical qualifications to apply for these jobs. Registration through the University's portal starts from Sunday 26/4/1436 AH and will last for five days.

Who could apply for the competition?


Graduation Certificate Distribution for KKU Graduates

Announcement of Graduation Certificates Distribution for KKU Graduates in the Academic Year 1434/1435 AH 2nd semester.

Deanship of Registration and Admission at KKU congratulates all the graduates for their graduation and wish a successful scientific and practical life 'God Willing' for all. Note that, the Graduation certificates and academic records will be distributed as follows:

First: Male Students:

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Admission and Registration Deanship at King Khalid University announced starting the external conversion for the first semester, for the academic year 1435/1436 AH. The conversion will begin, via the portal of the University, on Saturday 02/08/1435 AH till Thursday14/08/1435AH.

The Deanship also explained the mechanism of the external conversion, as it clarified that the student (male and female) has to fill in the conversion form via the page of the external conversion 1435/1436), on the site of the university during the conversion period mentioned above, and everyone could follow up his application through the site.

The Deanship explained that the student, after completing the form of the external conversion, should print and bring the required documents to be delivered to the Admissions Department, the Admission and Registration Deanship, University City, Al-Jrijr (Building D).

Regarding the female students, the Deanship explained that it is a must to fill in the form, print it and bring the required documents to be delivered to the Vice-Presidency of Student Affairs Deanship in the academic complex in Lassan( formerly Teachers College).

After that, a messages (SMS) will be sent with the result of the conversion starting from Sunday, 09/09/1435AH.

Regarding the general conditions of the conversion, the Deanship explained that there are several conditions, that should be met, as the student must be Saudi, or his/her mother is Saudi, enrolled in a governmental Saudi University, besides completion of the preparatory year (if found), and determine the corresponding specialization, unless King Khalid University has another point of view. Subjecting all requests for conversion to the actual capacity of the Department, or specialization, and the trade-off between students is to be according to the cumulative rates.


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