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As part of a series of meetings and workshops conducted by King Khalid University in the United Kingdom, and within the framework of the first 'Tawasol' program with scholarship students, a number of lectures and workshops were launched in the city of Edinburgh.

The program activities started with a speech by Dr. Mohammed Al Rajhi, in which he began by thanking His Royal Highness, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman for his approval on holding the program. He also thanked HRH, the Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Ireland, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz, for his support and guidance which provided invaluable help in the establishment of the program. He was also thankful to His Excellency the Minister of Education and the President of King Khalid University for their careful follow-up. He then welcomed the attendees and gave them a brief introduction about the program and its objectives. 

After that, the forum continued and started with a session on 'Identity and Nationalism during the Scholarship Journey' presented by Dr. Hassan Mohammed Al Asmri, Dr. Mohammed Al Rajhi, Dr. Fahad Al Qahtani and Dr. Ahmad Al Ghamdi. In the second session, Dr. Abdullah Al Kasi and Dr. Abdulrahman Al Qarfi discussed the educational issues in the scholarship journey. Following that, Dr. Mohammed Khamash presented the third session, and it was titled 'The Scholarship Journey Opportunities.' During the sessions, the students took part by participating and sharing ideas. In the end, gifts were distributed, and memorial photos were taken.    

King Khalid University, Media Center

The third day of the King Khalid University's fourth health, educational, and awareness program, which is being held in Thrban Center in the province of Majardh, witnessed the continuation of its activities. The program has witnessed a large turnout of the beneficiaries of the health and awareness services being provided at the program. In the third day of the program, lectures, training courses, and visual presentations were provided for girls' schools.

It is against that background that today, a visual presentation was presented by the Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Hanan Ahmed Al-Saidi. It was entitled 'the story of a student from acceptance until graduation'. Through the presentation, Dr. Al-Saidi provided a detailed explanation for the University's acceptance mechanism and the steps followed when applying. A large number of students benefited from the presentation.

For her part, Ms. Arwa Abdullah Medawi, provided a training course on marital life management skills. She spoke about success, both in career life and in domestic life, which requires identifying the psychological and physical needs, and methods of dealing with problems, and crises. Another training course was presented by Ms. Mona Hussein, in which she handled the issue of balance and life wheel. She also talked about different circumstances we come through in our daily lives whether psychological, social etc… Through this training course, solutions for equilibrium in the domestic aspect, and in the financial, professional, cultural, and health aspects were tackled. A number of faculty members of the Faculty of Sharia has also conducted lectures at the Faculty of girls in Majardh, in the College of Arts and Sciences for Girls in Mahayal Asir, and in different girls' secondary schools including Tlaya, Al Mujahid in Thrban, Alzukah Bin Thrban, Hied Abs, Khabtah, Al-Mashi, Al-Tahfeez, and the first secondary school in Majardh. The conducted lectures included a number of topics. Most important were the girl in front of doubts and desires, intellectual security - its necessity, causes, and the blessings of security - in addition to intellectual deviations - causes, treatment, and intellectual invasion - dangers, causes, and treatment.

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