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King Khalid University, Media Center

Keek star, Mari and a play entitled "Escape Night" at the University Theatre  

Al-Shahrani, Manea and Matar in the evenings of University Festival

King Khalid University 2nd Summer Festival witnessed intensive presence in the past two days, when a large number of families within the region and outside attended and enjoyed the festival activities, which targeted all members of the family.

Yesterday, a training course entitled: "Personal Excellence is your way to success," presented by the training consultant at the center of management excellence for training in Abha, Mohammed Al-Ahdal, who spoke about Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, the secrets of personal excellence, and models for distinguished, in addition to the requirements of personal excellence. The course pursued the catalytic interactive storytelling method, and the trainer has touched the secrets of personal excellence.

In a course entitled: "Multiple Intelligences and Graphology", a faculty member at King Khalid University, Dr. Mohammed Safran presented a detailed explanation of how to develop the ability that God blessed them with, and how to develop them through three levels (high, medium and low).

Safran also spoke about Graphology, which is a sort of science takes care of the analysis of personal handwriting, which is an extension of physiognomy, which is inferred by the apparent to uncover the secrets of things. He also touched other types of physiognomy.

On the other hand, an evening of poetry was held yesterday on the stage of the University presented by the poets, Saeed Bin manea, Fahad Al-Shahrani, and directed by Media professional, Abdulrahman Merae.  During the evening, the poets presented collection of poems which entertained the audience, initiated by Al-Manea's patriot poem entitled, Abu Metab: our King, then Al-Shahrani presented his poem praising the Prince of Asir region, Prince Faisal Bin Khalid, then Al-Manea presented a poem entitled "Blowing Abha" and another entitled "Al-Rafidi,". After that Al-Shahrani presented a poem entitled "Bad guys luck" and another poem entitled "O patron of sound" and then rounds rolled to offer two poems for each poet, interspersed with many songs and requests from the public.

It is noteworthy that the festival continues its activities today, Wednesday by arranging a number of events. There is a training course entitled, "Six Hats and Creative Thinking Skills", presented by Dr. Zafer Al-Hammad.

 Another course in Fine Arts entitled "Methods of Mixing Chromatography 2", presented by the artist Moaidh Hajri. In this regard, Fine Arts Association provides the "Art Workshop for kids."

On the sports issue, the events of sports activities continued, accompanied by Captain Walid Al-Shahrani, and Captain Ali Al-Qahtani, as well as table tennis events, and Challenge Field.

  In this regard, the Drug Enforcement Administration presented a segment to show the skills of a number of men in the Drug Enforcement Administration at the Fairgrounds.

It is noteworthy that the festival hosts this evening the Keek star, Sultan Al-Harthy, nicknamed Mari, in an open meeting after Al-Maghrib prayer, followed by a play called "Escape from Reality" with Omar Al-Degiri and Ibrahim Almaziraei on the University Theater. 

World Water Day:

KKU Community College Students Perform Awareness Play

 King Khalid University - Media Center

Community College students at King Khalid University performed a themed play, entitled "Punish those who waste water and electricity." during a celebration at the women's section of the Aseer Water Directorate General’s World Water Day, in the presence of 20 governmental and private organizations.

The Dean of the Abha Community College, Dr. Munira Abu Hamama, explained that participation was key to the celebration of the World Water Day, and it showed King Khalid University’s keenness to take part in raising awareness of water issues and the role of the community in preserving it.

She also mentioned that the participation of Community College students in such events reinforces their spirit of cooperation, teamwork, and community partnership, so that they can play a positive role in all aspects of society. She said, "At King Khalid University, we are very keen on student involvement in various educational activities to achieve the desired benefits, God willing."

In turn, the head of the women's section at the Aseer Directorate General of Water, Mrs. Areej Mohammed Thumairy, explained that the Directorate is keen on involving members of the community in awareness and ways of rationalizing water consumption to deliver the message faster and more comprehensively.

In addition to this, the Media and Communication Department at King Khalid University for Girls intends to arrange weekly a meeting, gathering students of the Department and well-known female journalists in order to benefit from their practical experience in this field.

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