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After Election Results Affirmation by the Rector

His Excellency Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, Rector of King Khalid University, congratulated the winners of the elections of the Saudi Scientific Association for Teachers (SST), "Jassem," which has been recently organized by the University.

Al-Solamy said, "The University is pleased to have such a critically important scientific association serving to enrich the scientific atmosphere of all colleges.” He further emphasized that the new association would receive all possible support to promote its increasingly influential work in service of the educational process. He expressed his thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmed Al-Issa, who approved the establishment and launch of the association.

The elections of the Saudi Scientific Association for Teachers have resulted in the victory of Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Kasi, as the President, Mohammed bin Zaidan bin Mahfouz, as the Vice-President and Financial Officer, and Sultan bin Saleh Al-Shehri, Director of Education at the Mohayil Asir Governorate, as the Secretary of the Board. Moreover, association members were also elected. They are Dr. Aisha Bint Belhish Al Amri, Taibah University, Mr. Mohammed Al-Fayfi, Department of Education - Sabyia Province, Ms. Aisha Bint Said Al-Harthy, Department of Education - Taif Province, and Ms. Maryam Bint Abdullah Khairi,  Department of Education - Taif Province.

In his speech, the President of the Association, Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Kasi, related that the spatial diversity of the members in the Council and the representation of teachers through more than half of the members of the Council is a positive aspect. He indicated that the next phase of the SST would be launched -- God willing -- in accordance with an integrated plan of action taking into account the objectives of the SST. Finally, Dr. Al-Kasi thanked the University Rector who has been with SST since its approval and directed to start preparing plans and appropriate scenarios for the work of the association, serving teachers who, in his opinion, play an immensely important role in the educational and scientific process for students in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.


King Khalid University, Media Center

Sponsored by the King Khalid University (KKU) Rector, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Solamy, Education College for girls arranged a symposium in Abha about the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The event was attended by the University Vice-President's Assistant for girls' colleges, Dr. Kholood Abu Melha.

On this occasion, Rector Al Solmay said in his recorded speech, "It is my pleasure to welcome you in the 2030 symposium, which is arranged by Education College for girls" Al solamy further expressed his admiration with the various scientific activities of the education college. He directed his speech to the college's affiliates saying, "You know that Education colleges are performing a great role in serving our children. Thus, we- at King Khalid University- are doing our best to strengthen the University's colleges' social role and its treatment to community issues. I this context, the KKU held the international conference which was called "the Teacher and the Knowledge Era" The Rector added," The Kingdom's 2030 vision is a sort of ambitious developmental vision. It takes care of developing the Saudi community with all its segments. It also believes deeply in the era of knowledge economy we live in, which links knowledge and learning with investment and human building. Based on this vision, teachers has shouldered an important role in planning for the students' future and strengthen their belonging to the homeland."

Al Solamy concluded his speech thanking the Dean of Education College and its stakeholders for the organization of this symposium which spotlighted the Kingdom's 2030vision. He stressed on the need to implement the objectives of this vision in all fields and specialties.

On his part, the University Vice-President for girls' Colleges, Dr. Saad bin Da'jem honored the University Rector on sponsoring the symposium.

The Dean of Education College for girls, Dr. Lobna Al Agamy clarified that the College meant by this symposium to prove the college's compatibility with 2030 vision and its objectives. She added that the symposium included a number of aspects such as the cultural dimensions, universities' roles in achieving this vision, geographical dimension, leading roles of the Kingdom, in addition to rooting religious values that are included in this vision through educational courses and community transactions of the Saudi national. Dr. Lobna clarified that the 2030 vision takes care of education since it considered it a main pillar in building future and in building personality and rooting values. She said, "Education also is our only way towards investment and strong economy that could help to build a community cultural health system"             


King Khalid University-Media Center

The Ministry of Education has approved to establish a Scientific Saudi Society for the Teacher in the Education College at King Khalid University. Such society is considered one of the most important tributaries that enrich the scientific life in different societies. It will also involve in various university units in carrying out the university responsibilities of serving the community.

The founder of Society the Dean of Education College at King Khalid University  Dr. Abdulla bin Ali Al Kasey has clarified that this Society emerges from the belief of the college and its employees of the college's role in preparing the teacher before and during its service. It also came to coincide with the vision of the Kingdom in 2030 and in response to the requirements of current level as well as the coming ones.

Al Kasey has stressed on that the Saudi Society for the teacher SST is a scientific association working under the supervision of King Khalid University and its headquarter in the College of Education. Additionally, it will practice various activities, whether in the field of improving teacher abilities and skills or in the field of community service. Some examples of these activities are : educational and professional consultations and research projects related to the teacher. In the same manner, it will also help in the development of intellectual work, and consolidate the balanced educational culture in accordance with organizational rules of scientific societies in Saudi universities.

King Khalid University, Media Center

In a study entitled "Quality Standards in Teaching Performance"

College of Education of the University supersedes in the field of quality.

A study entitled "The quality standards in teaching performance for General Diplomas teachers in Education College of King Khalid University and the availability of these standards from their point of view and their students'" has concluded that faculty members' teaching performance in the General Diploma program is high, according to the views of both students and teachers.

The Dean of the Education College, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Safran, who conducted the research, called on other interested parties to benefit from the findings of the study to improve their teaching performance whether as Saudi university professors or as those teaching at Education Colleges, especially at that of King Khalid University.

The study aims at identifying the availability of quality standards in teaching performance for the teachers of the General Diploma in Education College at the university from the standpoints of both the teachers and their students, and to know how the standpoints are compatible regarding the availability of the main criteria for quality in teaching performance for teachers of the General Diploma in Education College of the university.

The study also sought to identify the differences resulting from teachers' different scientific inclination, and students' different disciplines (scientific, literary) about students' opinions on the availability of the key criteria for quality in teaching performance of General Diploma teachers in Education College at King Khalid University.

In the framework of his research problem, the researcher pointed out, "The Ministry of Higher Education seeks to stimulate the Saudi universities to obtain the academic accreditation, which will lead to the quality of the educational process. King Khalid University is among the universities that seek progress in this area, and the College of Education is the most active among university colleges in the field of quality, and this is by virtue of its specialization, and because of the advanced level of quality and development it has so far reached. Among the programs offered by the college is the General Diploma in education, which is designed to qualify Bachelor degree graduates to get education Diploma, to enable them to qualify to work in the fields of education.

He added, "Because of the importance of this program and by virtue of its relevance to teaching, I will like greater recognition of the availability of quality standards of teaching performance of the teachers. I have found that the best and most effective way for real evaluation is to know the teachers' evaluation of their performance themselves and their students' evaluation to them. The research has chosen these two evaluations techniques because there is nothing extra to depend upon other than them, especially as I can take a decision only after monitoring performance inside the classroom. "

Under the headline "study terms", Al-Safran identifies quality standards in education as "a set of specifications, features and educational requirements that are designed to determine to what extent the quality of teaching performance of the faculty member at the university is achieved."

The study aimed at students, as well as their teachers of General Diploma in Education College of the University. The sample of the study was 163 students - who enrolled in General Diploma of education at the university in the first semester of the academic year 1432 / 1433 AH - and 17 teachers. The students were distributed among scientific and theoretical majors. Moreover, the study has been applied on the whole society due to its small size, while the 17 teachers selected were teachers of curriculum principles, pedagogy, and educational psychology.

The conclusion of the study states that: teachers, as well as students of General Diploma in Education College of King Khalid University have admitted that the performance of teaching was high, and is classified as excellent in the category of relations with students, the application of university systems and the mastery of scientific material. However, in the following categories, implementing, planning, and evaluating teaching, the appreciation was "very good".

According to the results of the study, the students and their teachers agreed to have priorities of the categories of teaching performance, starting with the relationship with the students, the application of university systems, mastery of scientific material, then evaluating teaching, planning teaching, and finally the implementation of the teaching. The study also concluded of the presence of a statistically significant difference between students and their professors' evaluations for the main criteria of teaching performance, where the teachers believe that their performance is excellent, but their students have different opinion.

The results of the study included also the impact of the Scientific Department when evaluating teachers' teaching performance from the perspective of students. The departments of Psychology and Education have been in favor at the expense of the Department of Curriculum and Methodology. The current study has demonstrated that there was no effect of the students' different disciplines (literary, scientific) on their views of teachers' teaching performance.

Based on the results of the study, the researcher presented a series of proposals and recommendations, including: It isn't fair enough to rely on the opinion of one category in evaluating University Professors' teaching performance (students and teaching staff). On the contrary, the more categories involved in the evaluation, the more reliable and objective it will be. The researcher also called on others to benefit from the results of this study to improve the university professors' teaching performance in the Saudi Universities in general and in the College of Education at King Khalid University, in particular.

Finally, the researcher stressed on activating the quality standards in teaching performance for evaluating professors. He suggested conducting a comparative study on the professors' performance of this study comparing with those of other professors' performance in similar programs.

King Khalid University, Media Center

College of Education of King Khalid University, targets new teaching staff; arranged a

Forum under the title "How do I start with my students."

Education College of King Khalid University has arranged today, Thursday, a Forum entitled, "How do I start with my students", which targeted mainly the new teaching staff.

The forum started with an introduction about the meeting and its objectives, which was presented by the Vice-President of the College, Dr. Imad Elwan. During his speech, Dr. Elwan showed how the teaching staff could communicate with the students. Also, the discussion included speeches on how to avoid errors in students' evaluation by faculty members; on how to use the academic system; and on the issue of using the examination papers as a mean of evaluating the performance of students.

Towards the end of the occasion Dr. Abdurrahman, who was Saudi Cultural Attaché in Malaysia, delivered a lecture on the subject of communication with students.

King Khalid University President, Dr.Abdukrahman Bin Hamid Aldawood signed a contract to go on establishing Education College for girls at Mahyel Aseer with Almabty contracting company with a total cost 23.532.944 SR.

On this occasion His Excellency the University President declared that these projects are part of ex- ones aiming at developing the university and achieving the planned goals in order to save all needed demands for the following stage "they’re all according to studied and counted vision".

Aldawood clarified that signing any new contracts for implementing projects related to the university is according to a prepared schedule included all colleges in different locations pointing to the desire of the university to create appropriate atmosphere for its students, boys and girls through these projects under the auspices and support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and His Highness the Crown Prince and the Second Deputy Premier, and direct support and follow-up of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Aseer region.

Education College at King Khalid University held a training course entitled " First Aids" with the presence and participation of college Vice Presidents and number of teaching staff besides a group of students. The course was presented by Dr.Ahmed Abdul Tawab, Emergency Consultant .

The course handled many skills and much important information in the field of first aids and saving lives and determining the concept of first aids. The trainees had a look on the most important operations of first aids like CPR and how to deal with bleeding, shocks, burns, fractures…etc. Also, a practical application for what has been presented theoretically hence all attendants participate in the practical application.

At the end of the course, the student activity leader of the college, Mr.Mohammed Alqahtany thanked all guests and the college employees for accepting invitation and for their contribution to let student activities at the college succeed wishing to provide such a course each semester.        

E-learning unit at Education college at the University of King Khalid presented number of scientific meetings within a series of distant international teaching via the network through the Blackboard Collaborate and virtual classroom Illuminate Live! Sessions.

three meetings were presented, the the first one presented by the Head of the Department of Educational Technology at the University of Helwan Prof. Dr. Nabil Gad , and the second meeting was by Professor of Educational Technology and Co- Director of Quality Deanship of e-learning at King Saud University , Dr. Mustafa Judat , the third meeting was by a professor of assistant educational technology at Mansurah university Dr. Hanan El Khalil .

The meetings had a large attendance of specialists, researchers, teaching staff from King Khalid University and 12 Arab universities.


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