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In its third week, the number of people benefiting from the Health and Awareness Program has reached 1,738. The activities of this program included a range of lectures held at the Civil Defense Center and were delivered by a number of faculty members from King Khalid University. In the Belasmar Police Station, Dr. Said Al-Asmari gave a lecture entitled “Muslim Rights," while Dr. Mohammad Alboradi delivered a lecture entitled "Faith and its Truth." Also, in the Governorate of Tanumah, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Quncil delivered a lecture in the police station entitled "Be Righteous as Ordered. "

During Friday prayer, three sermons were held at the Ethnaian Mosque in Belasmer. Dr. Ahmed Al-Husanin delivered a Khutba entitled “Submission to the Legal Text;” Dr. Abdullah Al-Shehri delivered a Khutba entitled "Commandments from the Qur'an;" Dr. Shaya Al-Asmari delivered a Khutba entitled "Retain your Speech and Actions."

It is worth mentioning that the second phase of the program will be launched next Sunday. It will include events, programs, and exhibitions for a whole week that various departments, colleges, and deanships at the university will actively participate in.

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