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King Khalid University, Media Center

Women's events continued at King Khalid University's 14th Book Fair. There was a symposium on "Child Literature and the Role of the Mother in Building Knowledge" in which poet Dr. Lina Al-Asiri and two lecturers at the Department of Early Child Care at the Faculty of Education, Al-Mabrouk and Ms. Samira Al-Manai'I participated.

Dr. Al-Asiri spoke about children's literature, where she started with an introduction to children's literature and then reviewed the themes that focus on children's literature, namely, the preparation for education, training and acquisition, and building the model and role model, with some examples of children's literature from Arab heritage. She concluded her presentation with a poem of her own recently issued by the literary club Al- Ehsa’e (Niaf).

King Khalid University, Media Center

The 14th Book and Information Fair of King Khalid University concluded its training sessions yesterday evening with a course entitled "Poetry Presentations" presented by the Professor of Literature and Modern Criticism at the University, Dr. Ibrahim Abu Taleb.

Abutaleb reviewed several aspects of this science, beginning with its definition, the reason for its status and the need for it, its expression on the Arab environment, and its benefits and importance, both ancient and modern. He also reviewed the way of forming this sort of literature by Al-Khaleel bin Ahmed Al-Farahidi, its terminology, and its appearance. 

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency the Vice - President for Educational and Academic Affairs of King Khalid University, Dr. Mohammed bin Ali Alhassoun visited the University pavilion which is participating in Riyadh International Book Fair. During his visit, Dr. Alhassoun thanked all the personnel in charge of the pavilion, and showed appreciation to efforts they are making. He paid tribute to the contents of the pavilion such as the writings of the faculty members at the university.  He also commended the role being played by the university through its participation in such fairs, which reflects its belief in academic and cultural responsibilities.

After that, Dr. Alhassoun walked to different stands in the exhibition sections and expressed his happiness on how books are being cherished. He said, "What I have seen is a clear indication of the visitors' thirst to read, which is an indication that the fair opened new prospects of all what is happening in the world of the book. In addition, the fair and its kinds, which are being organized on national level, are contributing to the dissemination of culture among members of the community."

King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University, represented by the Deanship of Library Affairs is participating in the 46th Cairo International Book Fair, 2015. The activities of the Fair were launched yesterday, Wednesday, under the title "Culture and renewal" and will end on the 12th of February 2015. 26 countries are participating, including 19 Arab and African countries, and 7 other foreign countries, in addition to the participation of 850 publishers, including 50 foreign publishers. The number of participating corners has reached 48.

On this occasion, the Dean of Library Affairs of the University, Dr. Saeed Bin Qassim Al-Khalidi has stressed that the university was keen to participate in all local and international forums, in order to display all its scientific productions, and to give visitors an idea about the university and the roles it plays. He stated that all the roles being played by the university are under the directives and ongoing support of the University President, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood. The Dean further said, "During the Fair, the University intends to participate by presenting books written by its employees, the collection of which ranges from specialized books and scientific research, to a number of publications, brochures and introductive videos." Al-Khalidi also clarified that the deanship carried out a distinctive design of the University Corner during its participation in the exhibition. Hence the Deanship took the lead among the actors involved in the corner of Saudi Arabia. The exhibition was attended by 72 Saudi bodies, governmental and private. They offered more than 5 thousand titles and varied cultural program.

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency the President of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood is inaugurating the 1st Academic Book Fair, which is going to be organized by the University Library from 20th to 30th Rabi Althani 1436 AH corresponding to 9th to 19th February 2015 AD. The Venue will be the University City, Abha. It is expected that many print houses which are specialized in academic books, will participate in the fair by showing hundreds of scientific and modern publications in a variety of scientific disciplines.

It is against this background that the Dean of Library Affairs Deanship of the University, Dr. Saeed Bin Qassim Al-Khalidi clarified that the Deanship was keen on holding such fairs in order to show modern versions of books, which tackle various medical, health, and scientific issues…etc. The Dean said, "We are committed to hold the fair especially after the success achieved by the Medical Book Fair in the previous years, in addition to the interest we felt, and the intensive turnout of the students of the university in the health and medical colleges." Al-Khalidi further clarified that the deanship was willing to organize the 1st Academic Book Fair in the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 1435/1436 AH. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for university students to buy the academic books needed for their courses during the second semester as well as to encourage them to get new books offered by the publishers at reasonable prices.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Al-Asiri: It is not hard to be an author if conditions are fulfilled"

Yesterday, Monday 27/10/2014 AD, a member of the Board of Directors of Abha Literary Club who is also both an accredited trainer by the American Board, and an Academician at King Khalid University, Dr. Eman Al-Asiri, arranged a workshop entitled "How to compose a book". The workshop coincided with the 13th Book Fair, which is held at University. The workshop's venue is the Headquarter of the Faculty of Dentistry, Women's Department.

During the workshop, Al- Asiri explained how to compose a book properly and correctly, and showed that it was not difficult to be an author if you followed the correct ways of authoring and track all the steps very carefully. She said, "An author should read a lot, and should be patient, and have a great desire in writing along with skill and talent. She added that a good writer should entertain his work in order not to give up later. Moreover, a serious writer has to practice writing constantly, has review references and sources from stem to stern, and has to acquire authoring skill. He also should record his thoughts constantly in order to benefit from them later during the writing process."

Regarding creativity in the art of writing, Asiri stated that it is on the top of the list of an author, if he wanted to become unique and influential. She said, "publishing a book doesn't mean you are the best, but the best is the one who controls the qualities mentioned above."

King Khalid University, Media Center

Within the cultural events that accompany King Khalid University's 13th Book and Information Fair, a researcher and academician at King Khalid University who is also the Head of Abha Literary Club, Dr. Ahmed bin Ali Almerra'e presented a lecture on Wednesday evening. The lecture entitled " Serving Homeland and Science: A civilized vision and Developmental Strategy", has as its venue the University Theater in Abha.

Dr. Almerra'e started by introducing the project, which could be traced back to a detailed worksheet presented and discussed with the students of Modern Arab literature subject at the Teachers College in Abha. It was also part of the activity to celebrate the 77th National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1428, which aimed at many social activities such as reducing unemployment, involving young people, employing their energies, functions of governmental and private institutions for the development of public and community work, and serving science and the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states.

The lecturer also evoked some of the major challenges faced by the Arab Gulf states, and Saudi Arabia in particular, in the era of globalization and open economies, rapid international changes that are brewing roar and proliferation. These developments have made it necessary to be conscious and careful of the balanced psychological, physical and intellectual building, and the cognitive, educational wise lead for the personalities of young people of both sexes. Therefore, we should work on strengthening the presence of religious and national identity, deepening the sense of belonging to the community, raising production level, disseminating the culture of work, and integrating young people in the community economic and productivity movement.

Almerra'e pointed out that this vision seeks to achieve a balance in rights and duties towards the nation and its citizens, which makes the idea of " Serving Science and Homeland", when applied well, a good soil for cooperation and partnership between governmental institutions and private sector on one hand, and society and its members on the other. It also serves as a real opportunity to hone the young's personalities, develop their skills, experience and knowledge in a complementary and comprehensive way. He said, "It is reflected in a vital, ​​interactive and direct field, engaging with reality, public work structure within specific and codified programs, with educational, cultural, national, humanitarian and developmental goals and clear characteristics. Almerra'e also turned to the conscription system which many countries approve, and consider it a realistic process to raise the spirit of good citizenship in the community, sense of national awareness among citizens, and a feature of the most prominent aspects of teamwork and loyalty to the homeland. 

King Khalid University, Media Center

Cultural activities during the University 13th Book and Information Fair has been launched today, Monday 26/12/1435 AH. The fair is being held in the University City, Al-Gurager, Abha. Activities at the fair include a number of symposiums, lectures and training workshops.

The Dean of University Library Affairs, Dr.saeed Kasem Al-Khaldi inaugurates the activities with a lecture entitled, " Library Affairs Deanship: Achievements and inspirations." After that, there will be a lecture to be presented by Sheikh Aboud Ali Dar'e entitled, "the Conduct of the Predecessor in Reading and Collecting Books". Finally, there will be a poetry evening for the students in collaboration with the University Reading Club. This is to be presented by a student named Mohame Ahmed Al-Qarni from Sharia College, with the participation of the following poet students: Ali Hamid Farhan (Faculty of Management), Mefaraa Dawwas Qahtani (Faculty of Medicine) and Sulaiman Hadi Al-Qahtani (Graduate Studies, College of Sharia).

On Wednesday morning starting from 10.00 O'clock, there will be a lecture entitled, "The National, Cultural Project to renew relation to Reading", to be presented by Dr. Fahad Al-Elyan. This will coincide with a training workshop entitled, " The Digital Library and how to benefit from it in producing scientific researches". The venue will be in the auditorium 5 at the Central Stands. There is a place in the Dentistry College Hall allocated for females. Moreover, there is an arrangement for another lecture entitled "Serving Science and nation: Civilized insight and Strategic Development". It will be presented by the Head of Abha Library Club, and it will come after Al-Maghrib prayer. On Thursday, there will be another lecture entitled "The Saudi Digital Library and the scientific Research in the Saudi Universities" to be presented by Dr. Messad Altayar and Dr. Abdulhameed Al-Suliman. It will take place after Al-Maghrib prayer. Also, the second version of portal of the Library affairs Deanship is going to be launched.

It should be noted that the exhibition will be open from 9.00 O'clock a.m. to 2.00 O'clock p.m., and from 4.00 O'clock p.m. to 1.00 O'clock a.m. Holders of the exhibition arrange specific time in the evening for families' visit from Thursday 29/12/1435 AH to Wednesday 5/1/1436 AH besides the morning period on Saturday 1/1/1436 AH.   


Abha - Aafaq Newspaper

 "A Book Fair is considered a cultural festival and annual gathering for thought and the arts." With these words, the Book Fair was described by His Royal Highness, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, during his visit to the fair before its conclusion last Friday in Riyadh. Dr. Abdullah Al Jasser, Deputy Minister Deputy of Culture and Information. said this about developments this year: "The Ministry had a new idea, which is to hold some of the Fair’s activities outside the City of Riyadh." Mr. Timothy A. Lenderking, Deputy Chief of Mission of the United States Embassy in Riyadh, visited the Fair and was amazed by the organizers' effort. In her article, the author Fatimah Al Tisan, said, "The Fair is like water for thirsty people.”, and described it as “The most prominent achievement and of the strongest significance of the Ministry of Culture and Information in its seriousness in motivating the members of Saudi Society to read and take notice".

Automatic Search

     This year, the Fair included automatic search devices that revealed the most visited publishers, titles, and authors. Among the participants was the Ministry of the Interior, which showed visitors its services and provided several brochures. The fair also included the participation of more than 30 artists, male and female, in the field of plastic art. The focus of the Fair was, however, on the children’s sections. In this regard, Dr. Hind Al Khalifah stressed that, "We should work to activate the role of the book to promote objective thinking and scientific research in children". The activities of the cultural programs continued throughout the Fair day and included accompanying workshops on mothers and children.​


Traditional Coffee

     In addition to the other cultural activities, traditional coffee attracted visitors to the Fair. One of the coffee activities was to: honor the top ten winners of the Ministry of Culture and Information book award. A platform was also signed by 32 participants, both male and female. As for the cultural divan, it was held at the Marriott Hotel throughout the Fair and dealt with different debatable topics each day. Each topic was deeply discussed from various objectives, which attracted mostly intellectuals, writers, and others interested in the topics, both male and female. On the first evening, the divan lionized ten honorees of Arabic calligraphy. The evening also included a presentation of their experiences, successes, and discoveries of the skills and techniques of the art of Arabic calligraphy.

Aafaq Visit

     Aafaq  visited the Fair in order to find out the views of the supervisors, organizers and visitors. Firstly, Aafaq met Mr. Abdullah Al Kinani, Assistant Director of the Book Fair, who spoke about new activities in the current Fair, and said, "There are many additions made ​​by the Ministry at this year’s International Book Fair, including the introduction of query devices to search the collective information about the books’ publishers, authors, and prices. This program was developed to make it easier for visitors to make enquiries about books from their homes before visiting the Fair. There is also an app applicable to smart devices that provides a map of the Fair as well as a search and query for the books." He added, "One of the other new things at the Fair is the release of a daily newspaper, in addition to questionnaires, which aimed to develop the Fair as well as its activities".​         

Digital Counter

     Al Kinani continued, "The Fair’s entrance has also been provided with a digital attendance counter to record the precise number of visitors at all times in order to benefit from this information over the coming years in terms of peak times, in order to increase staff participation during these times.

The Saudi author’s section was improved by expanding it to attract more authors who publish independently. Nine platforms for autographing had also been added to the section: five for men, three for women, and one to launch a variety of books."

He added, "The Fair has also been re-designed in terms of reducing the area for ​​government agencies by 30%. There is a new section this year called “the Reader’s Busk”. It is specialized for the blind; the organizers communicate with them before their arrival to the Fair and then take them to publishing sections and show them the  areas they request. In addition, there are services for all publishers who participate in the Fair. These services include: Internet, imaging, fax and communications."

 Furthermore, he talked about the Fair Channel that has been developed and equipped with its own studio and which broadcasts many events, as well as the Cultural Cafe in the VIP lounge and the art gallery, and photo gallery provided by Saudi newspapers.

About his aspirations for the Fair’s future, he said, "We hope to move the Fair from a national to an international event, as there are now international participants in the Fair. The Frankfurt Book Fair has a section in the Fair, and there is also a section for the London Book Fair. We seek to provide more  creative annual developments to count the fair is one of  international standard.

Another Opinion

 Ramzi Al Sharayah, a delegate from a Jordanian publisher who participated in the Fair, pointed out that their participation was not as great as in the past for several reasons: the spread of electronic publishing, the Internet, current economic conditions in the Arab world, and what he called “the circumstances surrounding the Middle East”. Al Sharayah thanked Fair management for what he described as a well-organized and coordinated, large media and advertising effort, thanking the Ministry of Culture and Information for their clear efforts at the Fair, wishing them to continue the same development and creativity to reach new heights.

 Abdel-Rahim al-Ahmadi, an author and publisher, referred to the huge crowd of visitors that he'd seen due to the concerted effort made by the Ministry of Culture and Information and the other relevant bodies. He said that readers in Saudi Arabia have become aware of and taken an interest in all multi-scientific aspects and there is evidence for that in the growing motivation to acquire books. He wished that the Ministry of Culture and Information increased the length of the Book Fair.

  Dr. Mohammed Abu Yahya Abu Milha, an Associate Professor at King Khalid University and Vice-Chairman of the Abha Literary Club, said, "The Book Fair has become an annual habit for educated intellectuals and literary lovers to read and learn, as well as for researchers, students, and everyone who has knowledge and interest in the importance of reading, whether more professionally or as a hobby." He attended most Book Fair activities, as he confirmed to Aasfaq, either through personal interest or by invitation from the Ministry of Culture and Information. He also gave a lecture,  titled “The Novel and Civil Society.”, during the current Fair. He said, commenting on the organization and participation of the Fair, "There is a growing number of participating publishers  and this year the coordination of the Fair and events management have become more mature and accurate. This reflects the experience of the Ministry in this regard.  There are also additional restrictions on some books without specifying the names of books in particular.

Male and Female Students

 Aafaq interviewed a student, Saba Bakr, of Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, in the Fair Hall and asked her about the reason for her presence. She answered, "I am here due to my deep love of reading in various fields and for my love of writing prose". She added that, "The Book Fair, this year, is much bigger and contains more publishers, and this contributes to increase search opportunities for books that may not exist with some publishers."

  Abdulmohsin, a student in the fourth grade at Sultan Campus School, and Shahd Al Mushrif, a student at Tarbya Namoutheagea School in Riyadh, like the  children’s section because it has interesting books and stories for children as well as nursery rhymes CDs for children and convenient education tools, as well as games that require intelligence and skill. They also like to attend educational workshops and training for children.

Improved Services to meet the readers' passion


Presenting readings for Arabic literature , history and culture of Aseer

Academics from the King Khalid University enrich  Vienna International Book Fair

A number of teaching staff at King Khalid University in cultural events accompanying the exhibition of Vienna International Book Fair , where Dr. Abdulrahman Mahsne and Dr. Ahmed Al-Merae participated through the provision of critical reading for Classical Arabic Literature titled "Vision for a literary movement and transformations in different Eras ."

Dr Mosfir Khathaami also participated along with Austrian writer Dr " Alcamatins vine Berger " in a seminar entitled " Defensive Elements in Traditional Architecture in Aseer " chatting about the history and culture of Saudi Arabia and Asir region .

The kingdom was the guest of honour at Vienna International Book Fair as the first guest of honour in the history of the exhibition with the participation of many universities and government entities .


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