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The University President, Prof. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al-Dawood, is to sign an agreement with Al-Jazera Newspaper Chief Editor, Mr.Khalid Bin Hamid Al-Malek, tomorrow. The agreement refers to establishing the Al-Jazera chair for Saudi Media. The Chair aims at proceeding with specialized studies, preparing research, and organizing workshops and training courses in all fields for all students of the Media Department at the university, as well as Media professionals in Asir region. It is expected to create an environment of culture, literature, and media, in addition to creating a real partnership with the university in order to activate media work within the university. Al-Malek is giving a lecture entitled "The Saudi Media: Quick Highlights"

in the Central Stands at University City, Abha.

King Khalid University - Media Center

In the presence of His Royal Highness, Asir region Governorate,  Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Abdul- Aziz , Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz ( Chairman of children with disabilities association ) , and King Khalid University President Prof. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al Dawood signed a cooperation agreement between the University and the Association of children with disabilities in Asir. It was during a ceremony of honoring from Prince Faisal Bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz to the winners in the 18th round of Prince Sultan Bin Salman contest to children with disabilities who could recite the Holy Quran .

The Dean of Research and Consulting Studies Institute at the University, Dr. Abdullatif Bin Ibrahim Al-Hodathi clarified that King Khalid University is keen to build bridges with different classes of society through partnership , support for governmental and private institutions , recognizing the importance of this role where the university, after this agreement, will provide full support to serve this dear class.

Support will include providing medical services by the teaching staff of Medicine College at the University for the Association of children with disabilities in the following specializations, pediatrics , neurology , in coordination with Asir Central Hospital to facilitate examination in the University Clinics consultants .

Also, Dentistry College at the University will provide the Association with Services such as: Open files, diagnose the status of oral health for the guests of the association, its employees and children the association is taking care of them in addition to their families , and customize a clinic to provide treatment in the specializations of Pediatric, Dentistry, Oral surgery , teeth , gum disease , diseases of mouth , mobile and stable hard wares , fillings , root canal treatment. Provided that there should be coordination in  appointments of treatment and follow-up in advance with appointments Department at the college clinic.

Also,  emergency cases will be received during the official working hours in the clinics of the college. Dentistry college also provides employees and supervisors of the association with a program to raise their awareness of oral and dental health besides a  training program for supervisors and caregivers of children with disabilities about ways to fight diseases of mouth and teeth at least once each semester .

colleges of education(boys & girls) at the university will participate in support through submitting seminars and awareness lectures for disabled children and their parents regarding disability. there will be also workshops of how can we make early diagnosis of disability , and to present advices regularly in special education fields.  the College of Education for Boys will also support the association by arranging  a World Conference , which is organized by the association during the year 2014.

The university, through the colleges and academic departments , research centers and its consulting firms, will provide scientific and technical consulting for the association of children with disabilities .

The university will allow its employees who desire to contribute financially or get a membership of the association.  The university will also allow the Association to use the university newspaper to advertise their activities.


King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University has recently signed a training agreement for its employees in collaboration with Ro’ya Center ( positive vision) in the presence of the Dean of Continuing Learning and  Community service Dr. Mubarak Bin Saeed Hemdan. The agreement aims at carrying out many goals: improve the performance of the employee, hence he will get, during training, new information and mechanisms which enable the university to occupy its supervisory jobs with persons who have updated their information in the field of developing ideas and new procedures.

Based on this agreement, there will be a course for the university new employees( Men & Women) under the title: Time effective Investment.

Signing was attended by the Vice President of Teaching Staff, employees Affairs Deanship for Development and technology  Dr.Ali Al-Elyani, Vice President of Community Service Deanship for Learning and Training Affairs Dr. Al Al Yaser, Trainig Dept. Head at Continuing Learning and Community Service Deanship Dr. Ibrahim Mehrez.       

King Khalid University signs 7 international agreements 
King Khalid University signed recently 7 international scientific cooperation agreements with a number of international universities to exchange information and experiences and to improve the main outputs of the university.
The agreements included a deal with Nevada, Las Vegas university to implement an assessment program for Dentistry courses, a deal with Arizona university to assess curricula and scientific research in Pharmacy college, a deal between Pennsylvania university and Pharmacy university, the Dutch University Groningen with the College of Computer , also included cooperation with the governmental University of Pennsylvania , the University of Michigan in the field of e-learning , as well as cooperation with the University of Madison Skansen in the field of distance education .
The supervisor of the International Cooperation Department of the university , Dr. Ahmed Nahari emphasised that King Khalid University is seeking to take advantage of the distinctive experiences of world universities, indicating that other agreements are currently proceeding with a number of other world universities to develop curricula and create a research collaboration and common supervision programs .   



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