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King Khalid University participates in "Profession Day Exhibition", which comes as a companion to the graduation ceremony of the seventh Group of King Abdullah's program for Scholarship in America. The exhibition will take place on Saturday, 25 Rajab, 1435 AH, and will be hold over till the 28th of the same month.

The Saudi Cultural Mission in America is organizing the exhibition annually, in which a number of government and private bodies will participate, such as ministries, universities, and, colleges, specialized research centers, companies, and banks. The Profession Day aimed at attracting graduates of all stages of Higher Education, Bachelor, Master's, and PhD.

 In this regard, The President of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al-Dawood clarified that the university will present in the exhibition 208 vacancies, including 158 jobs as Assistant Professor, 50 lecturers and teachers in the disciplines of scholarship, including medical science, Health Science, Engineering, Computer Science, the Basic Sciences, Legal Sciences, Management and Languages.

Al-Dawood mentioned that this exhibition is an indication of the state's interest in providing the best career opportunities for national competence that are trained and qualified academically and scientifically with high-level to participate in the service of the development process led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques - may God preserve him -.

 He added that the university's participation in the " Exhibition of Profession Day" emphasizes its quest to attract the graduates of the program of King Abdullah for Scholarship to work in it and  "contribute to the recruitment of the talented of this program, which allowed the universities a great opportunity to localize their academic jobs and occupy them with the children of our dear country. Those scholars achieved the aspirations of our wise leadership and confirmed its aspirations that they will return to their country and has been armed with science and knowledge."

Al- Dawood conclude his speech thanking the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz and the Crown Prince and Crown Deputy – may Allah protects them -, for their ongoing support to their student children(male and female) in the Higher Education stage regarding scholarship program. This program absorbed large numbers of students who will return to contribute to the advancement and welfare of our country.

He also thanked the Minister of Higher Education and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education for what the Ministry is doing to oversee scholars and motivate them to provide the best levels of achievement the is expected from them.


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Ahmed Al-Ayaf - Afaq Newspaper

The most important issues you must take care of when you determine to travel to the United States are the procedures and instructions of travel. They are related to the mechanism of obtaining visa, accommodation and others, whether you travel for study, visit, tourism, work, treatment or even trade. The President of the University, Prof. Abdulrahman Bin Hamid Al-Dawood covered in detail all of these points in his book "Travel to Study and Live in the United States  ... Systems and Procedures"

According to the book " In most cases, the source of what you're looking for is a question to someone who had the same experience, or search the internet for what could be good for you, but the traveler to the United States of America is different from any traveler to another country, in terms of procedures, information and documents that must be understood for its importance. The issue isn't limited to a piece of information or an address or how to get a particular service , but has become even further in terms of recognizing matters related to regulations and laws of that country, especially after the events of September the 11th ,2001. The United States of America has the right to scrutinize and stress in procedures when travelling to it, whether in obtaining visa or the requirements of the entry, exit, residence and other issues that have become imperative to be aware of and work with."


Recently, there was official support to increase the numbers of scholars to the United States of America; the support is from the former Deputy Chief of Mission in Washington, the former Assistant Secretary General of the Council for National Security Affairs, Security and Intelligence and Deputy Secretary of Defense Minister, His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. Additionally, the program of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, may God protect him for the external scholarship motivated strongly Prof. Abdul Rahman Al-Dawood to reconsider the information and data he intended to take it out as brochures to be the idea of writing a book instead. Every traveler to the United States of America could depend on this book to know about regulations and laws that is necessary since travelling to departure.

The book is a reference that the Arab students, who would like to study in the United States, could depend on. The book includes the author's personal experiences. It is noteworthy that the book includes more than 250 photos and it is of six chapters as follows:

History and politics of America: it talked about the foundation of the United States of America, the American government, Geography of America and most touristic and archaeological landmarks, the American culture, work systems and ethics in America.

Education and Learning: this chapter has been allocated for teaching and learning in the United States and included the education system, correspondence, admission, the study of the language, the academic study and what is related to plagiarism, means of communication with the Saudi Cultural Attaché in addition to some tips and guidance for students.

Visa: the chapter handled the matter of obtaining a visa to travel to the United States, including four topics: Privacy of the visa; to apply for the visa and get the appointment, documents and papers required for the visa, Types of non-immigrant visas, Terms related to visa and Contraindications to obtain a visa.

Entry procedures: the chapter handled the mechanism and procedures for entry to the United States of America, including five topics: Contact the American embassy, Special instructions for the traveler to America, During the flight, Arrival to the lands of the United States, What is after immigration and customs Department; instructions of the entry to the Embassy, application and interview, about the airlines and booking, documents and procedures required before travelling, procedures at the departure Hall, in addition to the procedures during the flight and how to fill in forms before arrival, procedures upon arrival, dealing with the officers of Passport and the customs Departments, and the procedures in the terminal.

Life in America: this chapter is for life in America. It includes 12 topics as follows: first, General irregularities in residence, second, housing and its most important laws and requirements and the types of contracts, procedures and responsibilities of landlord and tenant, third, public services and how to obtain them and deal with, such as electricity, water, telephone, gas, satellite channels, mail and others.

Transportation and Traffic Systems: such as dealing with the traffic officer, ways to buy a car and obtaining the driver's license.

Financial Transactions: the chapter is about the selection of the bank to open account and the necessary documents and procedures.

Health and Treatment: it includes the most important hospitals, types of health insurance and the mechanism of getting treatment.

Shopping: it shows how to get Halal food and how to identify it.

Public and private Dealings: it handles the relationship between males and females, neighbors and family members, manners of occasions, penalties of smoking in prohibited places, offensive words and signs.

Visa and Residence: Ways to renew the visa and residence.

Before Departure: it includes important procedures that must be taken in mind before leaving the United States.

English words: it contains some common English words in the field of Higher Education.

Supplements and Forms: it includes a number of forms, a traveler must fill in, such as visa application, the form of the departure airport, the forms of Immigration and Customs Departments in the plane, and finally the form of registration at the arrival airport.

The author says that the procedures, requirements and the information that are included in the book are subject to changes from time to time. He pointed out that the U.S. Department of State, on its website reported that changes to visa policies and regulations are all over the world because of the new security precautions, so the author recommended visiting the website of U.S. Department of State.

Travel to Study and Live in America, a book written by the President of the University
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