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IT Directorate has established a page to communicate with the alumni of this year. The page includes the following: videos they want to share with others, And tweets via hashtag kku_grade35

The page also provides the ability to share photos via Instagram on hashtag Graduation Ceremony. Note that the page will be available for participation for the following two weeks. You can visit the Alumni page by clicking Here.

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King Khalid University Rector Dr. Faleh Al-Solamy sponsored the first ceremony for scholarship students. The event was organized by the General Administration of Grant Students at the University Sports Hall.

In his speech, His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy stressed the outlook of the university, its vision, and strategic plan to increase the number of scholarship students in a diverse variety of fields. His Excellency announced the launch of an Arabic language teaching unit to teach Arabic for speakers of other languages (ASOL). He further reiterated the importance of granting scholarships to students from all around the world and the role we desire from them during their stay and after their graduation.

Al-Solamy stressed the university’s significant interest in scholarship students, which is represented in the establishment of the General Administration for Grant Students in 1439. Its main aim is to provide the appropriate educational environment for them and establishing a charity fund.

Following after, the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Dr. Saad Bin Mohammed Al-Dajjam, added that the role of leadership in promoting unity and peace among nations is linked to the progress of educational institutions and universities, which contributes towards building high-quality societies capable of creativity and growth.

Given the vital role of educational development and the importance of international recognition, the university has undertaken an approach to increase the number of scholarship students while harnessing all relevant resources to serve them and overcome the obstacles they face so they can be productive in their societies when graduating. The university also considers this a step towards achieving some of the central themes of Vision 2030 by reinforcing the global and educational role of Saudi Arabia in accordance with a moderate Islamic vision.

The ceremony included a documentary film made by scholarship students about the university’s plan to attract 2500 scholarship students by the year 1442 AH. The documentary also indicated that the current number of scholarship students at the university is over 2K hailing from twenty different countries.

42 countries from Asia, Africa, and South America are expected to be included in the scholarship program next year. Rector Al-Solamy concluded the ceremony by honoring outstanding students in the different fields.

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His Excellency the President of King Khalid University (KKU), Prof. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawood has today, Tuesday 18/11/1436 AH, sponsored the reception ceremony of new faculty members. The venue of the ceremony is at the Headquarter of the University in Abha. It is known that King Khalid University is arranging such ceremony every year to welcome new faculty members and to let them know about the rules and regulations of the university.

The ceremony started with an introductory video about the university. Then, the Dean of Employees and Teaching Staff, Prof. Abdullah Hadi gave a speech, in which he welcomed the new faculty members. The Dean noted, "The Deanship is always happy to celebrate and welcome its guests who came to deliver an important message to the service of science." He further said," In the university, we have scientists and professors from more than 25 different countries. They represent windows for science, knowledge and values. "

On their turns, both the Deanship of Development and Quality and the Deanship of e-learning presented a quick overview of their activities and the services provided by the two deanships, pointing out that faculty members could take advantage of these services.

After that, the Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Sultan Al Farah gave a speech, in which he quickly gave a presentation on the academic system of the University. He also gave a simple explanation of how the faculty members could deal with academic movements in the university.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the President of kku gave a speech, in which he welcomed the new faculty members who have recently joined the University, asking God - the Almighty - to grant them success. He said, "Undoubtedly, at King Khalid University, we are proud of this scientific constellation that will undoubtedly be beneficial scientifically." He added, "I am always proud of these multiple scientific stripes in our university from different countries, to share with us the process of education and scientific research in our University." Adding that the selection of new faculty members were carefully conducted, in order to fully support and enhance the educational process.

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On Monday 9/2/1436 AH, the President of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities, and the founder and president of Heritage Foundation, the Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Prince Sultan bin Salman Award for Architectural Heritage, His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz sponsored the ceremony of the 4th National Architectural Heritage Forum. The ceremony was held at the Headquarters of King Khalid University, Abha. The award is in its fifth round for the second year.

Upon the sponsor's arrival, the exhibition for the projects winning the Prince Sultan bin Salman's Award for Architectural Heritage was opened up. Additionally, the third exhibition of the projects of the students of architecture and planning faculties in the Saudi universities was opened too.

After that, the activities of the ceremony started with a word from the General Manager of the Heritage Foundation, who is also the Secretary General of the Award, Dr. Osama Al-Johari. In his word, Al-Johari thanked the University of Bahrain represented by the College of Engineering, for its efforts, as well as its embracing the activities of arbitration in spacious halls. He also thanked King Khalid University - Asir beacon, as it did great efforts to  make the event successful. Then the audience watched a short film, which showed the stages of the award, concerns, and achievements.

Then it was the time for His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz's word, in which he clarified that the Kingdom was passing through a transitional period in the area of architectural heritage preservation, especially after the announcement of King Abdullah's Project for Cultural Heritage. The project is important and a pioneer for the present and the future of architectural heritage. He said, "We welcome you at the forum of the National Architectural Heritage, in the Asir Province, and we are proud that this award accompany this important event in this rooted edifice - King Khalid University. He added, "We are proud of this great activity as well as the expansion of the award works, which are obvious generally in the Arab world and the Gulf, and in particular, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia." He explained the importance of the Asir region in this area where it is rich in many of the heritage sights, thus making it a destination for those who are interested in this field. Moreover, a lot of personalities who participated in unifying this blessed country are from this region.He also announced granting a Lifetime Achievement Award to the Minister of Education, His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, as a result of the great effort he made in the field of archeology and architectural heritage. His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal accepted the Prince Sultan Award. On this occasion, he - Khalid Al-Faisal - gave a recorded word in which he expressed his pride in receiving the Prince Sultan bin Salman Architectural Heritage "lifetime Achievement Award ". He said," I know what I have done is not enough since I was a Governor of Asir and Mecca regions, reaching the responsibility of being the Minister of Education. I am not the best, but I pledge to continue to preserve our heritage depending on my responsibility at the Ministry of Education, whether in curriculum, activities or structures". Prince Khaled Al-Faisal added, "Saudi Arabia is the state of Islam, it has Islamic, Saudi, and Arabic identities that you feel when coming. So, it is necessary to keep this identity through preserving the architectural heritage, which must be taken into account in development projects in particular.

After that His Excellency the King Khalid University President, Dr. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood gave a word in which he expressed his pride in the university to host the Award ceremony. He reported that the Award was one of the most prominent supporting activities to raise awareness of architectural heritage among the students of the Saudi university . The University President also thanked His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman, who visited the university and honored the award ceremony with his attendance. Aldawood also announced the opening of the University Department of Architecture and Planning, starting from next year, in addition to conducting necessary studies to establish a faculty for Environment and Tourism and a Centre of Excellence for Architectural Heritage.

In conclusion, His Highness the Sponsor of the event honored the winners of professionals, students, supervisors, in addition to Arbitration and the Supreme Committees of the Award. He also honored King Khalid University and the Faculty of Engineering.

It is noteworthy that the university has organized a number of scientific sessions and workshops associated with the activities of the Forum. Session were about University education in the field of architectural heritage", "King Abdullah project to take care of cultural heritage in the KSA", as well as "the current status of Architectural Heritage", "the role of institutions and communities in rehabilitation and the development of architectural heritage". These sessions were presented by a number of interested personnel and specialists in the field of planning and architectural heritage.

Prince Sultan Bin Salman sponsores a ceremony for the winners of Architectural Heritage Award- professionals and students
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His Excellency the President of King Khalid University, Prof. Abdulrahman Hamad Aldawood has sponsored Health Diploma Students' graduation ceremony on Tuesday, 11/1/1436 AH. The ceremony took place in the Headquarters of the university in Abha, and was attended by of a number of university Vice - Presidents and Deans.

Earlier, rehabilitation and training program for health diploma holders was set up, according to the royal decree of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques last year. The program seeks to rehabilitate a group of health certificate holders who have not had the appropriate opportunity to get a job. The program consists of two phases, the duration of which is 6 months each. The first phase "Trainees' rehabilitation on English language skills, computer, and special skills needed in the health sector runs for two semesters. Colleges of Applied Studies and Community Service will conduct this phase." The second phase is a practical clinical program which will take place in hospitals.

On this regard, President Aldawood expressed his happiness with this achievement, thanks to the program itself and those who support it. He said, "You deserve this celebration in your university for the seriousness and diligence that you have given through this program." Aldawood stated that he was following the reports issued from within and outside the university about that program since its inception. He also promised to keep on taking care of the alumni. Therefore, he ordered the concerned authorities at the university to contract with the graduates for 4 months, and also to search for permanent jobs to them, by virtue of the university's very large project such as the new university hospital, which definitely needed distinguished Saudi cadres.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Last Tuesday, the Governor of Bisha, Mr. Mohammed Bin Saud Mathami patronized the graduation ceremony of King Khalid University students, Bisha branch, for the academic year 1434/1435AH.  They reached 2048 graduates.

Mathami started the ceremony with a word in which he congratulated the graduates as well as the people of Bisha in general on the issuance of the Royal Decree to establish the University of Bisha.

In this regard, the General Supervisor of the university branch at Bisha, Dr. Mahdi Bin Ali Al-Qarni welcomed the attendees. He thanked Allah for the blessing of security and safety that prevails in our beloved country, under the wise leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and the Crown Prince Royal Highness, Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, the Crown Deputy, His Royal Highness, Prince Meqrin Bin Abdul Aziz.

During the celebration, everyone presented loyalty to the king on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the pledge of allegiance to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

The Vice Dean of Admission and Registration Deanship, Dr. Mohammed Bin Burgess Al-Shahrani congratulated the graduates, who reached 2048 student. 20 students have obtained the first and second honor degree. The ceremony was concluded with the distribution of certificates of appreciation for outstanding students

Prepared by: Mansour Al-Ayaf

Photographed by: Khaleel Al-Asimi

Under the auspices of His Excellence, the University President, Prof. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al-Dawood, the Deanship of Teaching Staff and Employees held a ceremony to honor retired teaching staff and employees in the Central Stands at University City.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the President gave a speech, welcoming the attendees and thanking them for their attending. He explained that honoring those people who spent their lives serving community and neighborhood is a national duty of sorts. He added that they deserve more and wished them success. He also thanked the organizers of the celebration.

The Dean of the Teaching Staff and Employee Deanship, Dr.  Abdullah bin Hadi Al-Qahtani, gave a word thanking the University President for supporting this initiative. He also said that honoring retirees is our duty and the gathering was just to say "thank you" for all that they had done. When honoring them, we in fact honor ourselves. He thanked everyone who contributed to the celebration and meeting. After that, the retirees responded as represented by Dr. Mohammed Bin Yahya Al- Mezher. He expressed his pride in giving the word on behalf of the retirees. He transferred the feeling of happiness the retirees feel due to this generous and compassionate moment, which was offered by the university for the first time. He added that retirees are sons of the University and they offer help when needed.

The ceremony was concluded with a meeting of HE Prof. Abdul Rahman Al-Dawood with the retirees to honor them.

Deanship of Teaching Staff and Employees held a ceremony to honor retired staff
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