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King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University is organizing these days the 5th educational health program which takes place in Alharidh province from 8 to 13 of the current month. Among the activities of the program were various lectures, training courses and educational exhibits presented to the people of Alharidh province and its affiliated villages. Lectures were presented by a distinct group of the University professors in different disciplines.

85 lecturers in number were presented to both men and women attendants. Lectures took place in different places such as mosques, schools, governmental agencies, in addition to the Cooperative Office for propagation Guidance and warning of Expatriates. Moreover, 20 training courses were carried out in the Headquarter of the program besides schools. Training courses included courses in succor, administrative skills, computer, English language, in addition to courses in how to deal with social networks.

For taking advantage of the program, transportation means were provided to the students of the province schools. They could do investigations and get the treatment, in addition to benefiting from the provided training courses. Students also enjoyed visiting the educational exhibits such as admission and Registration exhibit, Teeth and mouth health exhibit, and the exhibit of university protective security.

The affiliates of the Admission and Registration Deanship received 120 students in the secondary stage in order to give them some information about available disciplines in King Khalid University and how to join it and the necessary ratios for each college. The affiliates also introduce information about contact service which enables students to enroll their mobile numbers in order to keep updated.     

King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the auspices of His Royal Highness the Governor of Asir Region, Prince Faisal bin Khalid, King Khalid University (KKU) intends to launch the activities of the 5th health, educational, and awareness program. The event is arranged to take place in Al Huriadah Province from 8 to 13/5/1438 AH.

The program is going to be in its 5th version through which the University seeks to provide community services for the people of the region by providing many health, awareness, and educational services. The purpose is to raise religious, educational, and intellectual awareness for the community members. Al Huraiadah Province has been chosen for the 5th version of this program based on serious studies.

In details, the program will provide medical and therapeutic convoys, in addition to other distinctive educational programs. The University will harness all its potentials and staff for the event. More than 260 qualified persons will work on offering these services. The event also will witness a number of operational activities and mobile clinics with all needed appliances and a pharmacy which offer medications for free in addition to a number laboratories and X-rays. Furthermore, the event is expected to provide educational lectures, visual presentations, training course, workshops, and religious speeches. In the same context, a number of the colleges will participate in the program such as Sharia College, Medicine, Dentistry, Applied Medical Sciences, Languages and Translation, Nursing College of Khamis Mushyait, in addition to the Deanship of Admission and Registration, Community Service Deanship, and the Medical City.  

The University seeks to deepen the relationship and strengthen cooperation with the community in order to touch necessities. The move proves the keenness of the University on providing services for the community. The University also seeks to urge the community members to take the advantage of all provided services. The program in its 5th version is held again after the previous 4 versions had achieved remarkable success in the provinces of Tehammah Qahtan, Tathleeth, Mahyal Aseer, and in Therban. The success of the previous versions were remarkable comparing with the number of those who had benefited from the provide services. In the first version, 15,000 people benefited from the program. In the second round, the holders were keen on covering all the parts of the governance of Tathleeth.  In the third round of the program, the number increased to reach 27,000 people. In the fourth round, the university also was keen on providing all services for all the parts of Tathleeth Governance and the number of the beneficiaries had reached 63, 000. The fifth round is expected to provide more services for more segments of the community.       

King Khalid University, Media Center

The third day of the King Khalid University's fourth health, educational, and awareness program, which is being held in Thrban Center in the province of Majardh, witnessed the continuation of its activities. The program has witnessed a large turnout of the beneficiaries of the health and awareness services being provided at the program. In the third day of the program, lectures, training courses, and visual presentations were provided for girls' schools.

It is against that background that today, a visual presentation was presented by the Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Hanan Ahmed Al-Saidi. It was entitled 'the story of a student from acceptance until graduation'. Through the presentation, Dr. Al-Saidi provided a detailed explanation for the University's acceptance mechanism and the steps followed when applying. A large number of students benefited from the presentation.

For her part, Ms. Arwa Abdullah Medawi, provided a training course on marital life management skills. She spoke about success, both in career life and in domestic life, which requires identifying the psychological and physical needs, and methods of dealing with problems, and crises. Another training course was presented by Ms. Mona Hussein, in which she handled the issue of balance and life wheel. She also talked about different circumstances we come through in our daily lives whether psychological, social etc… Through this training course, solutions for equilibrium in the domestic aspect, and in the financial, professional, cultural, and health aspects were tackled. A number of faculty members of the Faculty of Sharia has also conducted lectures at the Faculty of girls in Majardh, in the College of Arts and Sciences for Girls in Mahayal Asir, and in different girls' secondary schools including Tlaya, Al Mujahid in Thrban, Alzukah Bin Thrban, Hied Abs, Khabtah, Al-Mashi, Al-Tahfeez, and the first secondary school in Majardh. The conducted lectures included a number of topics. Most important were the girl in front of doubts and desires, intellectual security - its necessity, causes, and the blessings of security - in addition to intellectual deviations - causes, treatment, and intellectual invasion - dangers, causes, and treatment.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Faculty of Languages and Translation of King Khalid University conducted three training courses, within the activities of the university's fourth health, educational, and awareness program which is being held in the Thrban Center in the province of Majardh. The training courses targeted the teachers of English who serve in the different stages of education in the province and its affiliating centers.

The first course handled the issue of the use of knowledge background in teaching the English language, and it was presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Dr. Abdullah Al Melhi. During the course, Dr. Al Melhi explained that the course focused on how to teach reading in English as a second language, using books of the general education. At the end of the course, Dr. Al Melhi answered the attendees' questions and inquiries.

For his part, a member of the teaching staff at the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Dr. Eyhab Badr Eddin, presented another training course entitled, "The Negative and the Positive Impact of the Native Language (Arabic) to Learn and Use the English language." Moreover, both Dr. Farouk Haji and Mr. Matthew Paul from the faculty presented a training course, which handled the use of Social networks and modern technology when teaching of English Language. For more information, please (click here).

King Khalid University, Media Center

Within the activities of King Khalid University's fourth health, educational, and Awareness program, which is taking place at Thrban Center in Majardh province, more than 35 lectures have been conducted in mosques, in a number of governmental departments, in centers, and in schools for boys and girls. Dr. Mohammed Al-Rajhi, the coordinator of the program, clarified that the lectures were held in many secondary schools including, Al-Tahfeez, Geber, Saqr bin Quraish in Majardah, King Abdullah in khat, Habib bin Zaid in ktbh, Al-Razi in Haid Abs, Ammar bin Yasir, Ibn Hayyan, Imam Bukhari in Thrban, Yamamah in Bareq, Al-Falah in Thalooth Al-Manzer, Thalooth Al-Manzer for Girls, Uqba Bin Nafea in Bareq, Al-mnazer for Girls in Bareg, Breq Al-Ola for Girls. In addition, the lectures were held at the departments of police, traffic, civil defense, prison and municipal in Majardh. Another lecture took place in Bareq Police Department, as well as other lectures that were held in the mosques of the province.

Lectures were presented on a number of topics. Most important are young Muslim's attitude towards temptations, youth in front of doubts and desires, sedition, blasting and intellectual security - its necessity, causes and the blessings of security and how to keep it. Topics of the lectures also handled issues of intellectual invasion threat - its causes and treatment, examples of the miracles of the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah, intellectual deviations - its danger and methods of treatment, youth on suspicions and desires, also girls between doubts and desires and sincere repentance, mastering work, honesty and responsibility. Topics of the lectures also addressed the fruit of obedience to the ruler, the sanctity of blood, money, and citizenship - rights and duties.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The number of patients, who have visited the fourth health, awareness, and educational program that is being hosted by King Khalid University in Majardh Province has reached more than 1160 persons. During the last two days of the program, the officials have conducted 5629 lab examinations. In addition, the program has seen a significant attendance and interaction of the people of the province.

During the first and second day of the program, the number of beneficiaries of the services provided by the Faculty of Dentistry reached 431 persons, distributed as follows: 51 patients in oral and dental surgery, 120 patients in conservative treatment (fillings), 49 patients in treatment of nerve and Emergency, 98 patients in treatment of periodontal diseases, and 113 patients in pediatrics teeth. Furthermore, more than 90 patients were transferred to the location of the Dentistry School at King Khalid University in Abha because of their need for long-term treatment or advanced techniques to complete their treatment. The number of dental clinics participating in the program is 7 clinics equipped with full equipment. In its first mission, a mobile dental unit, which has recently joined King Khalid University, participated in the program. The unit contains an integrated dental clinic and a panoramic radiation equipped with the latest technologies in the field of medicine and oral teeth surgery. The total number of the dental clinics that are participating in the program has reached 10 clinics, equipped with fixed and mobile medical equipment such as autoclaves, in addition to X-ray equipment, and emergency medical equipment with full technical crews.

 The number of beneficiaries of other comprehensive clinics exceeded 600 beneficiaries, and 130 patients took advantage of the optic clinic which is run by Care Association in cooperation with King Khalid University.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The activities of the second health, awareness, and educational program were launched under the patronage of His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz. The activities begin tomorrow, Sunday 20/06/1435 AH, at the popular arena, Tathleeth province. These activities will be held hold over a week, with the participation of the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Law, and the Admission and Registration Deanship, with the follow-up and supervision of the President of the University Prof. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al Dawood, and the Deputy, Prof. Mari Al-Qahtani.

The program includes medical convoys, religious lectures, legitimacy consulting, specialized medical clinics, awareness shows, and developmental courses. These events will be held at the main university campus in the popular arena, Tathleeth Hospital, primary care centers, mosques, and schools in the province, as well as at affiliated centers.

The President of the University, the organization's Supervisor, confirmed that organizing such a program proves the interest of the university in actively contributing to community service through presenting activities and events that serve the citizens of the nation, pointing out that community service is one of the three basic missions of the university, whose mission summed up in teaching, scientific research, and community service.

Al- Dawood clarified that the program aims to educate the community of Tathleeth province, which is considered one of the provinces the university targets by its programs and activities.

He continued, "At the same time, we appreciate the keenness of His Royal Highness, Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Asir region, and we thank his tireless efforts to follow-up all the activities of the university and to harness all potential for success and achieve its goal."

He concluded, "We thank God for the blessings of this blessed country. Allah grants us ample blessings, covering all fields of life in addition to the development and prosperity we witness under the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince and Crown Deputy. We pray for Allah to perpetuate His blessings on our dear country".

In this regard, the university Deputy, Prof. Marei Bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, said that this program is the second provided by the university, targeting all classes of the community of Tathleeth province.

He added, "The teamwork of the program includes more than 70 faculty members and 40 intern doctors, 100 employees of the technical and administrative staff working in the main committees, executive and support services for the program."

 In this context, the Governor of Tathleeth province, Prof. Saad Bin Safar Bin Zmia, praised the program, noting that "…all the people rejoice to receive a group of scientists in all fields of education from King Khalid University to establish health, awareness and educational programs, promising to harness all potential for the success of events."

Bin Zmia thanks His Highness, the Prince of Asir region, HRH Prince Faisal Bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz, for his supervision and follow-up for developmental actions in the region in general.

He also thanks the University, "On behalf myself, the people of the province, heads of centers, directors of governmental departments, sheikhs, dignitaries, and businessmen, we welcome all participants in the organization of the program and we pray to Allah to guide them all in performing the tasks. We thank the President of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Hamad Al Dawood, and University Deputy, Prof. Mari Bin Hussein Al-Qahtani."


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