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As part of a series of meetings and workshops conducted by King Khalid University in the United Kingdom, and within the framework of the first 'Tawasol' program with scholarship students, a number of lectures and workshops were launched in the city of Edinburgh.

The program activities started with a speech by Dr. Mohammed Al Rajhi, in which he began by thanking His Royal Highness, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman for his approval on holding the program. He also thanked HRH, the Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Ireland, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz, for his support and guidance which provided invaluable help in the establishment of the program. He was also thankful to His Excellency the Minister of Education and the President of King Khalid University for their careful follow-up. He then welcomed the attendees and gave them a brief introduction about the program and its objectives. 

After that, the forum continued and started with a session on 'Identity and Nationalism during the Scholarship Journey' presented by Dr. Hassan Mohammed Al Asmri, Dr. Mohammed Al Rajhi, Dr. Fahad Al Qahtani and Dr. Ahmad Al Ghamdi. In the second session, Dr. Abdullah Al Kasi and Dr. Abdulrahman Al Qarfi discussed the educational issues in the scholarship journey. Following that, Dr. Mohammed Khamash presented the third session, and it was titled 'The Scholarship Journey Opportunities.' During the sessions, the students took part by participating and sharing ideas. In the end, gifts were distributed, and memorial photos were taken.    

King Khalid University, Media Center

Within the activities of the project of Tebian for the prevention of extremism,

King Khalid University holds workshops, training courses and hosts an array of celebrities.

On the sidelines of the project of Tebian for the prevention of extremism, which was concluded yesterday evening at King Khalid University, and which had been held in cooperation with the King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue, training courses and workshops were organized, in addition to hosting an array of celebrities from various fields.

Tebian project for the prevention of extremism had hosted an elite of pioneers of specialized research and field experience related to extremism and relevant issues in a number of legal, social and media fields, including Sheikh Yasser Al Dossari, Dr. Omar Almdevr, and media professionals, such as Saleh Al-Shehhi, Abdullah Almdevr, poet Ziad Ben Nehet, and the star Omar Kanani.

Everyone has agreed that extremism and terrorism are intractable diseases that do not know race or color, even when followed by some of the religions followers, with a diversity of races and colors.  Religion and moderation remain a fort for the protection and prevention from falling into the clutches of these deadly diseases. There is of course, a social responsibility in the treatment and prevention of this phenomenon; all society segments and institutions have to bear these responsibilities, starting from the family, the school, as well as reaching the ministries, and civil society groups. Attendees confirmed that our country is targeted by enemies, because of the various blessings our country enjoys. Thus, the community has to keep awake for these enemies.

It is noteworthy that the project, in its first day, was accompanied by a workshop, titled "How to protect the young people from online extremist dialogues." In addition, there were two training courses in the field of intellectual dialogue during the second and third days, with an average of 10 hours. The dialogue is set to target all segments of the society, male and female, through the development of targeted capabilities in the prevention of extremism from the aspects of knowledge, of skills and of compassion.

King Khalid University, Media Center

In collaboration with Meras Consulting Foundation, the Deanship of Admission and Registration has carried out, in parallel, 9 training workshops. They targeted three vice - Presidencies of the university: Development and Quality, Academic and Educational affairs and Graduate Studies and Research, in addition to six colleges of the university: Medicine, Engineering, Sciences, Languages and Translation, Administrative and Financial Sciences and computer science.

The Deanship aspires, through conducting such workshops, to implement the second phase of the strategic plans of the aforementioned units. The first phase was implemented and it included the quadruple analysis of those units known for short as (SWOT). The second phase of these workshops, which took place in Abha Lake Hotel, has focused on reaching strategic features that configure the strategic directions, vision, mission and values of each of those vice - Presidencies and colleges.

On this important development, the Vice - President of Development and Quality Deanship, Dr. Ahmed Aljbaili confirmed that "this effort is as a result of the continued support being received from the University President for all activities of Development and Quality Deanship". Aljabili also thanked all the employees who participated in the brainstorming sessions, which resulted in identifying the stage and strategic trends, vision, mission and values of each university unit. The second phase, in general, led to improving the overall performance of the University.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Department of Media and Community - female section -  yesterday held a training workshop on the program of "Movie Maker". The workshop was presented by a trainer Turkya Al-Shahrani and was attended by a number of the 3rd level students as well as a number of the Faculty members.

Earlier, the Department Coordinator, Eman Alasseri has indicated that the department, through holding such workshops, aimed at preparing the female students to be familiar with all media works. She said, "On schedule of the Department, there are still a lot to present, as we will arrange events for students, males and females, as well as each division's program according to its mechanisms and available potentialities." She added, "There will be numerous workshops that are going to be presented during this semester, and the next semester will be for visits and media tours."

The coordinator further indicated that the Department of Media and Communication had a future vision regarding what the students would study in the next level, then they would be provided with related workshops, to enhance what they would learn in the class. She said," The Department works differently when it provides the practical curriculum, then the theoretical; the Department is unique in this view. Depending on this vision, and because the next level is arranged to contain a subject called "Multimedia", we are longed to hold this workshop. There are also many workshops that will be presented according to the schedule, God willing."     

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