The University Is Organizing the 'Tawasol' Program in the UK

King Khalid University-Media Center

King Khalid University, represented by the Unit of Awareness and Cultural Activities at the Faculty of Shariah and Fundamentals of Religion has organized the first "Tawasol" forum for the scholarship students in the United Kingdom particularly in Cardiff and Edinburgh, during the current month of September. This program came within the aspirations of the leadership of this blessed country and in response to achieving the ambitious vision of 2030.  

The supervisor of the forum, Dr. Mohammed Al Rajhi, has clarified that the program was initiated to empower the next generation of leaders. It is based on the belief that the youth of the country in general and the scholarship students, in particular, will play an essential role in society. Noting that, this forum is an educational program for Saudi scholarship students outside the country. It contributes to educating them with what they might need in the countries where they study. It is based on three main areas - intellectual, jurisprudential and educational. 

Al Rajhi added that the forum aims to immunize scholarship students with the right religious knowledge, firm beliefs,  and activate the academic communication between students and university faculty members. Additionally, it serves to help participants solve any intellectual or social complexities that may occur. In addition to that, the program will include panel discussions, research papers, and research experiments presented by faculty members, as well as students.

The first edition of the 'Tawasol' program will be held in the UK cities of Edinburgh and Cardiff, for a week between 11-16/9/2017, each morning, in one of the appropriate student clubs in coordination with the Saudi Cultural Bureau in Britain.