25 Engineering Students Complete the Requirements of Summer Training in the USA

King Khalid University-Media Center

25 Engineering students from King Khalid University have completed the requirements for their summer training in the United States of America. The training has helped them to acquire critical skills and uncover untapped potentials during specialized workshops and lectures on advanced engineering topics presented by experts and practitioners. Additionally, they were trained on skills such as creative thinking and analysis of engineering systems, professional practices, problem-solving, communicative skills and scientific contacts as well as entrepreneurship.       

The training program included conducting experiments in specialized research laboratories, which are considered among the best international research centers. The students also visited some factories and large engineering companies. This training program was organized in cooperation with Purdue University, which is regarded as one of the world's leading universities in engineering disciplines.

From his part, the Dean of the Engineering College, Dr. Ibrahim bin Idris Faki, has pointed to the significant impact this experience has left on trainees. It helped them to broaden their perceptions, enrich specialized knowledge and refine the required professional skills in the labor market.    

Dr. Falki has clarified that "The university sought to design a training program that balances between technical and professional skills." Moreover, he related that the reports presented by the students at the end of the program had motivated the university to continue the external training program. And he added, "Such feedback from the trainees would help the University to continue improving the program in the future."

The Supervisor of Trainees, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs at the College of Engineering, Dr. Mohammed Al Musfir said," The approach of sending accomplished students of the Engineering College to train in the USA comes within the framework of strategy embodied in the College's vision and mission through the use of modern educational and research styles. These methods are grounded in the pursuit of the acquisition and improvement of the scientific and research skills for students which in return, result in quality and excellent outputs."