The University is Announcing the Dates of Handling 1st Semester Schedules for Students

King Khalid University-Media Center

King Khalid University (KKU) represented by the Admission and Registration Deanship, is announcing the dates of handling schedules for all students in KKU branches, as well as the dates of registration for students from other universities who wish to join KKU.

The process of electronic schedules handling for students who are about to graduate will start from 13/12/1438 AH, and continue till 15/12/1438 AH. For other students, the process will start on 16/12/1438 AH and last up to 22/12/1438 AH. This will be done through the Academia Portal, taking into account the availability of sections.

In addition to that, the Deanship has clarified that students can also handle and change their schedules through (Tawasol) service during the period between 23 to 24/12/1438 AH. It is important to know that the service allows only two requests per student.

On the other side, the deanship has also pointed that schedules handling for the internal and external visitor students will be available up to 23/12/1438 AH: this has already begun. The condition for this process is the availability of the sections. Furthermore, only external visitor student procedures should be certified by the college dean or by the head department.

It is worth mentioning, the Deanship of Admission and Registration has launched the application (academia) on Apple and Android devices, in order to facilitate the access for the teachers and students to electronic academic services in one application. Furthermore, the app is supporting two languages; Arabic and English. The app makes it easy for students to make many of the academic procedures such as: deleting and adding courses and apologizing for courses or the semester.