Intellectual Awareness Unit Launches TV Program in Response to Baseless Accusations

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Intellectual Awareness Unit at King Khalid University launched an educational TV program entitled "Hajj Message." It is a 10-episode program, which will host many guests to talk about the efforts made by the Kingdom Saudi Arabia in the service of pilgrimage and pilgrims. The program also seeks to respond to accusations of the politicization of Hajj and at lessening the efforts made with regard to the convenience of pilgrims and visitors.

The program will be attended by the Secretary-General of the Senior Sheikhs Organization, the Commander of the Special Forces for the Security of Hajj and Umrah, the Assistant of the Commander of the Holy Mosque Security Force, the Assistant Director of Passports of the Asir Region for Administrative and Financial Affairs, the Media Spokesperson, the Assistant President of the Saudi Scout Association, members of Shurah Council, the Supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit at Al-Majmaa University, in addition to faculty members from Umm Al-Qura and Najran Universities.

The Deputy Director of the Intellectual Awareness Unit at the university, who is also the Executive Director of the program, Dr. Misfer Al-Wadai, said that the program comes within the framework of the Rector’s directives to activate the message and vision of the Awareness Unit under the direct supervision of the Supervisor of the Unit, Dr. Yahya Abdullah Al-Bakri. Dr. Al-Wadai further pointed out that the program will be transmitted via Social media channels and through pilgrimage campaigns in the region.