Researcher Recommends Caution When Forming the Poetic Condition on WhatsApp

King Khalid University, Media Center

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Hassan Al-Mahsani, Professor of Literature and Criticism in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, presented a study on the image and poetic condition of WhatsApp.

He explained that communication through WhatsApp is a turning point in the history of communication. It represents an interface for communication between innovators and can be classified as modern interactive literature.

The study is devoted to research on a vital topic, such as, the poetic case on WhatsApp in the platform of the profile that includes the image of the user and the written text. The picture and the poetic situation are striking features worthy of attention.

The research recommends that users should pay attention to language strength in their status on WhatsApp as an important platform that can reveal impressions.  From the point of view of the researcher, he believes that researchers turn to reading the messages available on this technique as speech worth critiquing.

The research also called on academic institutions to develop plans to guide researchers to these areas of study. The researcher stressed that the investigation of the Whatsapp platform through the lenses of literature would require academic institutions to create a knowledge base for the mechanism of text conservation starting from the students. Furthermore, institutions also need to develop tools for documentation and new approaches that are a synced for broader comparison to others as a part of the data set.