University organizes the first Arab Family Medicine exam

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Medical City of King Khalid University (KKU) organized for the first time the Arab doctorate exam in the field of family medicine. The venue was in the University's external clinics and took place on Friday and Saturday, 2-3 of the month of Sha'ban, with the participation of 33 doctors and family doctors from Saudi Arabia and Arab countries under the supervision of the Arab Council For Health Specialties.

The organization of the activity was supported by the Rector of KKU, Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy and by the Executive Director of the University Medical City, Dr. Fouad Abaq, who presented all the efforts to improve the Medical City and improve its ability to receive and organize this exam.

The exam is held annually in various health specialties in the various Arab countries. This year, the exam was held in KKU in the field of Family Medicine. Earlier, KKU had received the approval of the Council of Arab Health Ministers to hold the event due to the noticeable progress of the University in the field of health, in addition to the availability of the necessary facilities for conducting such an exam.

The test was attended by 13 doctors from Qatar, Egypt as well as 20 members of the faculty members from the Faculty of Medicine of KKU and a number of participating governmental health sectors represented by the joint program for Family Medicine in the region.

The participants were tested at the university's external clinics, under the supervision of the Joint Family Medicine Program in Abha and the Family Medicine Department in the Faculty of Medicine at the university. The participant receives the certificate of passing the test from the Arab Council for Health Specialties, which is equivalent to the doctorate.