University Rector sponsors the conclusion ceremony of the 3rd Olympiad

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Faleh bin Raja Allah Al Solamy sponsored yesterday evening the closing ceremony of the third release of the sportive Olympiad. The closing ceremony, which took place in the headquarters of the University City in Abha, was attended by the Secretary General of the Sports Federation of the Saudi Universities, Dr. Abdullah Al Buqami.

The ceremony witnessed holding the final football game between Sharia College and the college of Pharmacy. A large audience attended the game, which was won by the Faculty of Sharia with a result of (3/2). After the game, Rector honored the referees and the winners in the Saudi Universities Union in karate.

Al Solamy expressed his happiness with the positive results achieved by the Olympiad, which targeted all university students and where there was fair competition. He said, "I wish we could repeat the Olympiad and the competition in the coming years, so as to see more sports talents" He also thanked the Deanship of Student Service for its efforts, connecting thanks to all holders and committees of the event.

On the occasion, the Secretary General of the Sports Federation of the Saudi Universities, Dr. Abdullah Buqami thanked the Rector of King Khaled University and the Deanship of Student Service for their good hospitality and reception, conveying the greetings of his colleagues in the sports federation, and praising what KKU provided in all sports activities. He said, "Efforts of University activities holders are obvious in all Saudi universities competitions. This is an evidence of the keenness of those in charge of sports activities to deliver their duties to the fullest. Thus, they deserved thanks for these efforts. "

For his part, The vice Dean of Student Service for sports activities, Dr. Yahya Al Qinai explained that the Olympiad success was a natural result of the guidance and follow-up of the Rector. He added that the Olympiad is a sign of the university to support all activities that will achieve progress to the educational process. He said, "The Deanship of Student Service, represented by Its dean and agents and all departments effectively integrated with other actors at the university in order to build the student of KKU in all respects "adding that the vision of the deanship and the activities are clear, and through which we could support the student to contribute to his success and capabilities development.

The ceremony also witnessed a video presentation which was about the unity of sports activities at the university and talked about the most important objectives of the unit and the achievements of the university students in the field of sports at the university level and beyond.

At the end of the ceremony, Rector Al Solamy honored winners in the University sportive competitions during the 3rd Olympiad. Competitions included Lose earn competition, beach volleyball, volleyball, and football, as well as cross country, swimming, and Judo, karate, taekwondo, athletics, table tennis, and tennis.

Rector Al Solamy also crowned the Faculty of Sharia with the flag of the 3rd sportive Olympiad after receiving the highest number of points in all games. Sharia College came in the first position with a number of points reached (595 points), and in the second place as the Faculty of Science after getting (390) points, while College of Medicine, came in the third place after collecting 260 points.