A university scholar develop a "protocol" to regulate sugar using olive oil

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Student Abir Saad Asiri from the College of Nursing at King Khalid University and who is in a scholarship for masters at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania has developed "a protocol" based on the evidence to regulate blood sugar levels, "Type II" in adults, using olive oil.

Asiri said that this protocol establishes for the collection of evidence and proof of the regularity of sugar in the blood, using olive oil. She also made it clear that before the application of this protocol, there should be a patient assessment to determine the quantity consumed after knowing medical history, In addition, it is required to get the regularity of sugar that is consumed on a daily basis, and not less than 120 grams per day, as the patient is advised to maintain the pattern of healthy lifestyle of exercise, and maintain a balanced diet

It is noteworthy that Asiri has been selected as a spokeswoman in a healthy international conference in America, and she won the position honorable guest.