Rector directs to open additional graduate studies Programs

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Solamy directed to open additional graduate studies programs, in coordination with the boards of the university colleges. It was stated during Rector's visit to the headquarters of the Deanship of Graduate Studies of the University. The purpose of the visit, which was paid yesterday, was to launch a number of academic movements and to approve a set of guides and versions of the deanship, yesterday morning.

Rector Al Solamy confirmed that he will attend college boards in the coming period, in the presence of the University Vice-President for Graduate Studies and the Dean of Graduate Studies, in order to support and motivate colleges to open graduate studies programs, in addition to discussing constraints and obstacles they face in this area and work to overcome them. Rector Al Solamy also pointed to the need to support the Deanship technically in order to accelerate the pace of work. He praised the efforts of the deanship in all its work, especially in the development of academic electronic services provided to students, noting that the university administration will not save effort to provide any support for the Deanship regard to the promotion of graduate studies programs at the university.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ahmed Al Faye valued the Rector's visit and his interest in their work and his unlimited support for all activities. He referred to the pursuit of the deanship to activate and spread technology through the transfer of all paper transactions to electronic transactions, within the next developmental plan. During the visit, the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies for Technical Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, reviewed the electronic academic movements project, what has been achieved, and what is in the preparation stage, through the academic system.