Pharmacy faculty honors distinctive students in research

King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the auspices of the Dean of the Pharmacy faculty, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Se'ari, a scientific research activity was held for the current semester 1473/1438 AH. The event was attended by the faculty members and the stakeholders of the pharmacy Faculty. The Dawaa Club, in its two branches-male and female- was the entity that shouldered the organization of the event.

The event included presenting 14 scientific posters, 8 posters for female students and 6 for male students. All participating researches were discussed and evaluated by the scientific research committee of the Faculty which is headed by Dr. Muhammed Al Ghazwani in male branch and Dr. Dalia Al Maghaslah in the female branch.

Students and supervisors whose researches had achieved the first three places were honored. The students who achieved the first place are Afnan Ali, Eman Abdullah, Fatma Hadadi, and Nora Ahmed. They have submitted a research entitled "Study on the knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) of Patients with Hypertension in Asir Hospital, Asir Region, Saudi Arabia" under the supervision of Dr. Asha Sedeeq.

The second place was obtained by the following students Ghidaa Aseeri, Ghadeer Abdulgabar, Huda Alfifi, and Atheer Al Alma'e who submitted a research entitled" Screening of crataegus Oxyacantha Linn for Diuretic Activity and under the supervision of Dr. Raj. Finally, the third place went for Maha Saad, Rawan Ahmed, Wafaa Saeed, Wajdan Ali who submitted a research entitled "Evaluation of CNS Depressants Activity of BombaxCeiba" under the supervision of Sadia Batool.

In the male branch, the first place was achieved by Ahmed Mefrah, Abd Ellah Al Shehri, Abd Ellah Meed, and Abdulrahman Al Wadi who submitted a research entitled, "Screening of Aphrodisiac Potential of Power Man-A Polyherbal Formulation in Male Rats" and was supervised by Dr. Ebsar Al Qorashi. The second place was obtained by Hamza Omar and Mazen Asseri who submitted a research entitled, "Prevalence, Determinants and Practices of Self-Medication among General public in Asir Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" which was supervised by Dr. Seraj