More than 70.000 students sit for examinations

King Khalid University, Media Center

More than 70.000 students from King Khalid University (Regulation and Affiliation) have started today performing their mid-term examinations for the academic year 1437/1438 AH. Examinations take place in 20 educational complexes and for different degrees (Bachelor, High Diplomat, and PhD) Examinations are going to be held over two weeks, through which every college will hold its specialized examinations.

For his part, the Assigned Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al Qarni, has confirmed that the University always tries to make its students feel comfortable while performing their examinations. He added that the University has provided electronic schedules for examinations in order to avoid contradictions and not to need alternative examinations at the end of the semester.  

Dr. Al Qarni further confirmed that the Admission and Registration Deanship has received students' remarks on examinations schedules and then did needed adjustment all in an electronic way and in cooperation with colleges. He said that the Deanship shouldered spreading the final schedules of examinations via Academia program on the students' mobile phones. This was provided early enough so as to help students get prepared well. The program also provided necessary details such as time and place of the examinations.

Dean Al Qarni pointed out that any student, when coming to the examination room, could take advantage of his/her academic card which exists on Academia program instead of depending on the traditional one. He finally wishes the students of the KKU the best of luck in their examinations.