University Rector honors 100 students for their excellence in health research

King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the auspices of King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Solmay, the Consulting Office for Health Research in Aseer has arranged the closing ceremony of summer school for health research "Research" The Office aims at providing specialized counseling services and studies that depend on the right scientific approach.

Upon his arrival, Rector Al Solamy was briefed on the accompanying exhibit in which some posters about students' research were showed. The exhibit was arranged by King Khalid University in cooperation with the Saudi Association for Family Medicine and the Consulting Office for Health research.

At the beginning of the celebration, there was a video about the theme of the course and its results. Through the video, it became clear that the research activity is a part of the educational process. Moreover, the video pointed out to the Consulting Office for Health research in Aseer which arranged this event. The visual presentation also showed how students could join summer school which was represented in the theoretic material of the research then students could work on gathering results and statistics till these research came to light.

For his part, the President of the Consulting Office for Health research, Dr. Abdullah Al Sabani gave a word I which he welcomed the Rector and the attendees. He thanked their interest in this activity which is considered a qualitative leap for the students of health specialties in Aseer region. He also pointed out that one of the most prominent objectives of the Office is to make the Office of Health research a house with a national experience and with competitive pioneering abilities.

After that, Rector Al Solamy honored the winners of the best presentations. Student Walid Alfaifi won the first place with a research titled "Recognizing the side effect of smoking on the anesthesia and surgery on smokers" Student Nawal Al Awdah obtained the second with a research entitled "Measuring parents' knowledge of the ideal weight for a child before entering the school" Rector Al Solamy congratulated the winners of the best research posters. The first place was a poster entitled "The effect of eating different types of dates on the rate of acidity of saliva" In the second place came a poster entitled "medical professionalism among Interns at King Khalid University" The third place was for a poster "the prevalence and the factors influencing the lack of being able to see three-dimensional picture, among the students of the Faculty of Medicine at King Khalid University"

It is noteworthy that the number of students who had enrolled in research course reached 100 students from various universities in the Kingdom, of medicine and surgery specialties, dentistry, pharmacy, medical and Applied Science. The students have done 20 specialized research under the supervision of 17 consultants, within eight weeks.