A symposium on 2030 vision in girls' Education College

King Khalid University, Media Center

Sponsored by the King Khalid University (KKU) Rector, Prof. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al Solamy, Education College for girls arranged a symposium in Abha about the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The event was attended by the University Vice-President's Assistant for girls' colleges, Dr. Kholood Abu Melha.

On this occasion, Rector Al Solmay said in his recorded speech, "It is my pleasure to welcome you in the 2030 symposium, which is arranged by Education College for girls" Al solamy further expressed his admiration with the various scientific activities of the education college. He directed his speech to the college's affiliates saying, "You know that Education colleges are performing a great role in serving our children. Thus, we- at King Khalid University- are doing our best to strengthen the University's colleges' social role and its treatment to community issues. I this context, the KKU held the international conference which was called "the Teacher and the Knowledge Era" The Rector added," The Kingdom's 2030 vision is a sort of ambitious developmental vision. It takes care of developing the Saudi community with all its segments. It also believes deeply in the era of knowledge economy we live in, which links knowledge and learning with investment and human building. Based on this vision, teachers has shouldered an important role in planning for the students' future and strengthen their belonging to the homeland."

Al Solamy concluded his speech thanking the Dean of Education College and its stakeholders for the organization of this symposium which spotlighted the Kingdom's 2030vision. He stressed on the need to implement the objectives of this vision in all fields and specialties.

On his part, the University Vice-President for girls' Colleges, Dr. Saad bin Da'jem honored the University Rector on sponsoring the symposium.

The Dean of Education College for girls, Dr. Lobna Al Agamy clarified that the College meant by this symposium to prove the college's compatibility with 2030 vision and its objectives. She added that the symposium included a number of aspects such as the cultural dimensions, universities' roles in achieving this vision, geographical dimension, leading roles of the Kingdom, in addition to rooting religious values that are included in this vision through educational courses and community transactions of the Saudi national. Dr. Lobna clarified that the 2030 vision takes care of education since it considered it a main pillar in building future and in building personality and rooting values. She said, "Education also is our only way towards investment and strong economy that could help to build a community cultural health system"