First Theater Festival

King Khalid University, Media Center

On behalf of His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, His Excellency, the Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Saad Al-Amri, sponsored the closing ceremony of the First Theater Festival for Saudi universities. The ceremony took place in the Lasan Theatre and was attended by those who participated in the activities of the festival.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the Vice-President thanked the His Excellency, the Rector of the University, for hosting the festival. He also thanked those who were in charge of the event and the delegations of the participating universities, expressing his vision of future festivals being arranged on a permanent basis.

The ceremony also included a video presentation entitled "Hopes and Expectations" in addition to a presentation on the collection of all performances completed by the participants.

Following after, the sponsor of the event honored the judges of the ceremony, the guests and the heads of delegations, as well as the participants in the symposia that accompanied the festival. The Arbitration Committee also presented the Esteemed Testimony in Acting Award to student Omar Qadi for his role in the play "Coffin" presented by Taif University. The King Saud University Theater Team also obtained a Certificate of Excellence for Decoration Design in the play of “Almkason.” In script writing, Playwright, Khaled Al-Shariati, obtained a Certificate of Excellence for his role as an arbitrator.

Actor Sultan Al-Ghamdi from Jeddah University won the Best Scenography Award for "Don Quixote on Snape Shot," while the Third Best Actor Award went to Abdulwahab Al-Ahmari for his role in the play "Beyond the Darkness" of King Khalid University. Artist, Fahed Al-Tala, received the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in King Khalid University's performance. Actor, Bader Al-Ghamdi, won first place, for his role in the play "Coffin" from the University of Taif.

The Best Theatrical Script Award went to Mr. Fahad Al-Harthy, for his script "The Station does not Leave" by Jazan University. Mr. Mesad Al-Zahrani won the Best Theater Director Award for directing the play, “Coffin,” by Taif University. In the Best Collective Show Category, King Faisal University achieved the Arbitrators Prize in this field.

As for the festival's main prizes, the play "Beyond the Dark" by King Khalid University won the Bronze Kasbah for the Best Stage Performance. Jeddah University achieved the Silver Kasbah for the play “Don Quixote on Snape Shot." The Golden Kasbah went to the Taif University for the play "Coffin."

The Chairman of the Judges Committee, Mr. Mohamed Mafraq, announced at the end of the festival a number of recommendations, the most important of which is the extension of the duration of the festival in its second edition so that only two shows will be held per day. The committee also recommended the establishment of a secretariat for the festival under the umbrella of King Khalid University. They further asserted that the theatrical renaissance must continue to take place within the universities, through the creation of theater competitions between colleges within each university.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The First Theater Festival for Saudi universities hosted by King Khalid University for five days came to a close that can only be characterized as a resounding success. The stage was set for the theater teams of King Saud University and Taif University to perform the final acts.

On the Mahala Campus stage, the theater team at King Saud University presented the play "Makassun" written by Khaled Al-Shuraimi and directed by Saud Al-Turki. The environment was set in the desert, which prominently featured Arab social life in the pre-Islamic era.

After the performance, the daily symposium was presented. Theatrical artist Rashid Al-Warthan spoke about the text of the play saying it is like "popular gossip” in an attempt to mirror the reality of this day and age. He indicated that "Makassun" means taxes taken by tribes from traders crossing their territory. As for the technical aspects, he said, "The decoration was not expressed in the desired format. The director did not create the display area as required, and the sound effects need to be further developed." Al-Warthan praised the performance of the students for their brilliant performance alongside excellent fashion choices made by the wardrobe designer.

To conclude, Dr. Mansour Al-Harthy provided constructive criticism, stressing that King Saud University is a pioneer at the level of the Saudi theater. He further related that although the performance was hampered by "numerous cognitive errors in the text of the play," it was still one to remember.


King Khalid University, Media Center
In the First Theater Festival of Saudi Universities

The activities of the First Theater Festival of Saudi Universities hosted by King Khalid University in Abha launched yesterday afternoon. The first event was a symposium entitled "University Theater: Concerns and Aspirations," moderated by the Director of the Association of Culture and Arts in Abha, Ahmad Al-Sarawi, with the participation of faculty members from Qasim University, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tami, from King Saud University, Dr. Nayef Khalaf, from Jazan University, Dr. Mohammed Habibi, and Theater Director, Abdullah Bahatab.

Al-Tami began by elaborating on the visionary leadership in University Theater provided by King Saud University in Qasim (which later turned to Qasim University). He pointed out that the idea of the first local theater festival started from the Qasim branch. The first steps taken by the Student Affairs Deanship in Qasim University was to attract qualified theatre directors and gifted students. It then moved on to look for proper theatrical scripts for well-known playwrights. Moreover, Qasim University encouraged both students and stakeholders alike to engage in playwriting. Mr. Al-Tami explained that the idea was prepared and developed by nine theater groups from the Culture and Arts Associations in several regions in the Kingdom, and subsequently, turned into a national festival under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Dr. Naif Khalaf spoke about his experience at King Saud University since he was a student. He said, "I passed through three stages: fear of trying, love of theater, and the abandonment stage. Each stage had its circumstances”. He added, “I was encouraged by the existence of a constellation of acclaimed Arab playwrights who were working in the university. Also, the university boasts a huge library, which contains important literary-theatrical references.” After that, Mr. Al-Tami reviewed his experience in directing, indicating that the most important way is to work closely with students and discovering the hidden strengths of their talents.

Dr. Mohammed Habibi started his segment by commenting on the conditions of theater in Jazan since the establishment of Jazan University. He related that the theater movement was stuck in the early stages of planning when the Deanship of Student Affairs in Jazan University started its mission to train students on the foundations of theater, giving them ample opportunities to participate in numerous activities around the Kingdom. Dr. Habibi fondly recalled an experience he described as very important; the establishment of a theater group of disabled students who participated in the theater festival that was held in Poland where they performed phenomenally.
Habibi concluded his participation in the symposium emphasizing, "Nothing brings more honor and pleasure to an innovative student and his teacher except when they raise the flag of their country in foreign festivals."

For his part, Theatrical Director Abdullah Bahatab talked about his experience for more than 20 years in the Theater of King Abdulaziz University. He summarized his experiences over several points. He mentioned the intricate details of the close cooperation that occurred with a number of playwrights. He said they collaborated with him in over 37 performances submitted by the University. What's more, the cooperation extended to 22 directors who belonged to different schools in theatrical directing. Dr. Bahatab added that King Abdulaziz University was the first to participate in a tourism festival that was held in Abha in 1408. He concluded by stressing that the university has performed more than 90 plays.

At the end of the symposium, the moderator opened the area for suggestions. They agreed to the following:

  • The importance of holding the festival on a permanent rotational basis.
  • Forming a follow-up committee representing all universities.
  • Demanding a clear strategy for theatrical activity at the level of Saudi universities rather than depending on persons who may leave their positions affecting theatrical work.


King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Education Dr. Ahmed Al-Issa, the activities of the First Theater Festival of Saudi Universities were launched on Sunday morning the 22nd of Rabi Al-Awwal. King Khalid University organized the Festival to be held at the Lasan Campus Theater over the next five days.

The opening ceremony will take place at 11 am in the University Theater of Al-Mahala. In addition to the participating theater performances, the festival includes theatrical symposiums after each stage performance, with the popular participation of a number of acclaimed theater stars.

Ten theater teams will participate in the festival. They represent numerous Saudi universities. Their participation is in accordance with all the requirements and standards aligned with the Saudi Arabian Society for Cultural and Arts. Namely, the performance should ensure audience sensitivity, in particular, the youth. Moreover, there must be a minimally acceptable level of technical equipment used for each participant.

The performances will include the following in the table below.



King Faisal University


Taibah University


King Abdulaziz University


Jeddah University

Don Quixote on Snape Shot

Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University


Jazan University

Station Does Not Leave

King Khalid University

Beyond the Darkness

King Saud University


Taif University



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